Lost in Life (Discontinued)

Ever since Liam left for the X-Factor, his younger sister, Lucy, has been nothing but trouble. Eventually, Lucy's mom gets fed up and sends Lucy to live with Liam. Will Liam be able to change Lucy back to how she once was? Or is it too late? What really happened while Liam was away? This is my first story so please no hate!


14. Chapter Thirteen

-Liam's POV-

 The interview was over and we ended up back at the hotel, getting ready to go out to dinner. Lucy was staying here, she was already sleeping, but on Louis and Harry's couch. I planned on leaving her there until we left. Tonight was the night that we met Sophie, Niall's girlfriend. He was over at her flat. 

 When we were all ready, I woke Lucy up and she went back to her room and immediately fell asleep. 

 Leaving the hotel, I met up with the other boys and Eleanor. We headed to the restaurant that Niall and Sophie were meeting us at. 

 Walking in, I saw Niall waving at us to get our attention. Sitting at the table next to him was a beautiful girl. The dark blonde hair that framed her face brought out her bluish-green eyes. She smiled at us, revealing cute dimples. She stood up, wearing a simple black wrap dress with white wedges and a dark purple clutch, and introduced herself.

 "Hi, I'm Sophie," she said sticking out a hand. Louis looked at it like it was a foreign object and pulled her into a bear hug instead.

 "I'm Louis the Tommo Tomlinson. And this is my girlfriend Eleanor," Louis said as he pulled away, reaching for Eleanor's hand. The other boys hugged her and introduced themselves as well.  It came to me.

 "I'm Liam," I said while hugging her. She smiled and turned back to Niall, who took her hand while they sat down. 

 "Where's Lucy?" Niall asked. 

 "She has a hangover, so she's back at the hotel sleeping," I answered. Niall nodded and we delved deep into conversations about random things. 

 We all ordered and got our food sometime later. Sophie ate almost as much as Niall. That probably factored in to how he w so crazy about her. I chuckled softly to myself and joined into Louis and Harry's conversation about tacos. 

-Lucy's POV- 

 I bolted upright, covered in sweat and breathing heavily. I had the dream again and I was a few seconds away from a sob, but I stopped myself. My hangover was gone. One of the weird things about me, whenever I had that dream, any hangover or headache I had went away, making way to a pain in my chest. 

 I walked over to the mirror and looked at my reflection. My hair was matted and hung limply around my face and shoulders, like cold spaghetti. I had dark shadows under my eyes, which looked dull. I smelled and there was a foul taste in my mouth. 

 Grabbing a granola bar out of my bag and started eating it as I walked towards the bathroom. I quickly finished and stripped down, starting the shower. I stepped in and the cold water, which was slowly warming up, ran over my toned shoulders, back, and legs. 

 I started shaving, hissing when I accidentally cut my leg. It didn't hurt as much as it should have, and it made everything clearer, and it sort of felt good. But there was blood running down my calf and I stepped out of the shower and tended to my battle wound from the shaving war.

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