Lost in Life (Discontinued)

Ever since Liam left for the X-Factor, his younger sister, Lucy, has been nothing but trouble. Eventually, Lucy's mom gets fed up and sends Lucy to live with Liam. Will Liam be able to change Lucy back to how she once was? Or is it too late? What really happened while Liam was away? This is my first story so please no hate!


17. Chapter Sixteen

-Lucy's POV-

 "Why didn't you tell me about Craig?" Liam asked. I stiffened and pulled away. 

 "I don't know what you're talking about?" I answered, trying to sound truthful, but failing.

 "Yeah, you do. Why didn't you tell me? I could have done something," Liam answered, trying to be as nice as possible and succeeding. 

 "Who told you?" I asked.

 "Clark," Liam answered.

 "So, Kayla," I replied.

 "Yeah, but she didn't want me to tell you that. Are you mad at her?" Liam asked. No answer. 

 "How much do you know?" I inquired.

 "Everything. Why didn't you tell me? I could have, no would have, done something."

 "LIke what? What could you have done? Beat him up? That wouldn't have changed the fact that he took my virginity!" I burst out, tears coming to my eyes. I always cried whenever I talked about what happened. That's why I never talked about it. Crying was weak and it didn't accomplish anything. 

 Liam was silent so I continued.

 "But that wasn't the worst of it, Liam. I no longer felt safe anywhere! I blamed Lisa, and mum, and even you for a while. And mom thinks I go out and get drunk or high and do it with random guys, but she's wrong. He raped me, and I haven't had sex since. And the worst part is, I didn't have anyone to confide in. Mum was always away on business, Lisa was mad at me, you were gone!" I let out, more tears spilling out of my eyes. Liam was silent and I sat down on the couch, head in my hands, sobbing again. I felt utterly alone. And I felt so weak.

 Then Liam's arms were around me, comforting me for the second time this night. I didn't try to stop the tears and I just cried into Liam. Everything was out in the open and I couldn't take it back. He knew, and he wasn't going to let it go. 

-Liam's POV-

 Lucy told me everything. I wanted to kill Craig, or at least beat the crap out of him. Eventually, I ended up comforting Lucy again, her crying into my shoulder. I wasn't very comfortable, kneeling on the ground in front of the couch, but it was worth it, and she cried herself to sleep as I sang softly.

 Lucy was so lost, so incredibly lost. And I decided that the boys and I were going to get her back. No matter what she claimed, Lucy was scared, and sad, and while she didn't want to admit it, needed guidance from someone else.


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