Lost in Life (Discontinued)

Ever since Liam left for the X-Factor, his younger sister, Lucy, has been nothing but trouble. Eventually, Lucy's mom gets fed up and sends Lucy to live with Liam. Will Liam be able to change Lucy back to how she once was? Or is it too late? What really happened while Liam was away? This is my first story so please no hate!


18. Chapter Seventeen

-Liam's POV-

 I left Lucy sleeping in her room, not really wanting to, but only a door down from her. I roused Niall and told him to get Zayn and Harry. I went and got Louis. 

 Everyone was gathered in my room and sitting down. I recounted what Lucy had told me, and I told them what I needed help with. They agreed then went their separate ways. 

 I climbed into bed and settled into a restless sleep, filled with dreams, some good, some bad. But morning came soon.

-Lucy's POV-

 Since yesterday I had a hangover and missed meeting Niall's girlfriend, I was being forced to hang out in Harry and Zayn's room, where Niall and Sophie would eventually join us. I had a friend named Sophie a while ago, but she moved freshman year. 

 I was playing video games with Zayn, and totally kicking his ass, when Niall walked in with his arm around a beautiful girl. I assessed the girl, eyes starting at the bottom. First thing I noticed were shoes that I definitely approved of. Black converse sneakers. The rest of the outfit I also approved of. White ripped skinny jeans, a simple purple blouse, and a dark navy blue zip-up over it. Dark blonde hair brought out her bluish-green eyes and dimples. There was something about this girl that was very familiar. Then it came to me.


-Sophie's POV-

 Niall and I were hanging with the boys today. Apparently, I hadn't gotten to meet Liam's sister last night because she was sick. so I was getting to meet her today.

 We walked in and my eyes went to the girl sitting on the couch. She was wearing converse, like me, white short shorts, and dark purple sweatshirt with lettering on the back. Her hair was up in a messy bun and she was playing on her phone. Then she turned around to greet me. Light brown hair, even though up in a bun, definitely complimented this girl, bringing out her high cheekbones and her chocolate brown eyes. Her eyes widened when she saw me.

 "Sophie?!" she asked.



What do you guys think of Sophie and Lucy reuniting? And what do you think Liam is planning? Please give me feedback!


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