Lost in Life (Discontinued)

Ever since Liam left for the X-Factor, his younger sister, Lucy, has been nothing but trouble. Eventually, Lucy's mom gets fed up and sends Lucy to live with Liam. Will Liam be able to change Lucy back to how she once was? Or is it too late? What really happened while Liam was away? This is my first story so please no hate!


4. Chapter Four

-Lucy's POV-

 I walked up the front porch steps for the second time in 12 hours. I decided not to leave my skateboard outside and brought it in, leaning it against the wall in the entry way. I kicked off my shoes and headed into the living room.

 "What happened to --" I started, but silenced when I saw who sat in the living room. There, sitting on the couch drinking tea, was my brother Liam, and his band-mate Harry. 

 "Mom, what is going on?" I asked through clenched teeth, not taking my eyes off of my brother. 

 "It's time you shaped up your attitude. You are a train wreck waiting to happen, and I'm not gonna stand by and let you ruin your life. So, I called your brother," my mom answered coolly. 

 "And what did you think seeing him would accomplish?" I shot back.

 "You aren't just seeing him, you are going to live with him until your attitude gets better." My mom stood up, walking towards me.

 "What makes you think I'll go?" I asked coldly.

 "The fact that I am your legal guardian, and so is Liam. You are still underage which means that you live where we tell you too. And we are telling you that you are going to live with Liam. You will live with Liam until your attitude shapes up. Got it?" my mom told me sternly. 

 "Fine," I said after about 15 of a stare down. "But in 5 months, when I turn 18, I'm leaving. And I'm not coming back," I announced. I stalked up to my bedroom, not even glancing at Liam or Harry on my way up. 

 "Your plane leaves in 5 hours!" my mom called after me. I groaned. As soon as I got into my room, I stuck my face in a pillow and screamed, just needing to get that out. I stood up, reaching under my bed and pulling out a suitcase. I threw in all my underwear, bras, workout clothes, socks, and swim stuff, not even bothering to fold or sort any of it. The next suitcase was my jeans and shirts. The next one was sweatshirts and bathroom stuff. I had a little extra space in all of them, which I filled with shoes, books, and bags. I took a carry on bag and put my writing binder, business notebook, iPad, iPod, laptop, earbuds, Beats, my wallet, keys to a storage locker I had, gum, a few photos, sunglasses, and pencil case inside it. I didn't want to talk to anyone on the plane ride, which meant looking like I was busy. A backpack held the chargers to all my electronic devices, my favorite stuffed animal, bracelets that Kayla had made for me, a book I was currently reading, IcyHot, a knee wrap, ankle wrap, and wrist brace, cd's, my favorite movies, my diary, and a first aid kit. 

 With that, I was packed and ready to go. Ready to go and give up my friends and lifestyle here for one with my brother. I wasn't too happy about this fact.

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