Lost in Life (Discontinued)

Ever since Liam left for the X-Factor, his younger sister, Lucy, has been nothing but trouble. Eventually, Lucy's mom gets fed up and sends Lucy to live with Liam. Will Liam be able to change Lucy back to how she once was? Or is it too late? What really happened while Liam was away? This is my first story so please no hate!


16. Chapter Fifteen


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-Lucy's POV-

 I was having the dream again. The one where Craig was coming after me again. I was screaming when suddenly, I was awake. Liam was holding my wrists and shaking me awake, for the second night in a row. I buried my head in his chest for the second night in a row. And I cried my eyes out for, you guessed it, the second night in a row. The whole time, Liam just held me, and I felt safe for the first time in a long time. 

-Liam's POV-

 I took one look at Niall's sleeping form and ran to Lucy's room. which was next to mine. I quickly unlocked the door and headed inside. Lucy was lying on the same bed, kicking and hitting at things that weren't there. And then she screamed again. Same dream, I guessed. 

 Taking Lucy's flailing arms, that were threatening to hit me, in my hands, I gently shook her awake. She woke up almost instantaneously. She buried her head in my embrace and started crying. I held her while she cried, no idea how to approach this. Eventually, the sobs subsided into hiccups, and then I asked her a question I was dying to ask,

 "Why didn't you tell me about Craig?" 

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