friday night fun (harry styles fanfic)

Erin had a wild life, all partying and messing around but what happens when she meets the the harry styles and falls in love with him will she settle down party less or not. Well her first concern is if he even likes her.


1. Hangover

Erin's P.O.V.

I woke up naked in the arms of a boy I didn't know with a pounding headache and the urge to throw up. Yep I had a massive hang over. I slowly pushed him off me and slid on my clothes and grabbed the rest of my stuff. I bolted out of the guys house running to my car. I hoped in my car and shoved the key in the car as the boy ran out his door and knocked on my window. I sighed and rolled my window.

"Yes" I said annoyed

"Babe why you ditching me?" He smiled cheekily 

"Because I had a one night stand with you get that through your thick skull" I rolled up my window and speed out of his drive way.

"Uh thank god that's over" I said to myself turning on the radio for my ride home

I should at least get a few good moments before my mom beats the shit out of me for not coming home last night. After a few minutes I slowly pull in my drive way.

"Here we go again" I sigh and hop out of the car and to my front door

I slowly open it hoping no one noticed I was gone. I was to late there was my mom siting on our couch waiting for me. SHIT!

"And were have you been!" she screamed almost waking up the whole neighborhood

"Out and why do you care your never home anyway and when you are everyone wishes you weren't" when I said everyone I ment me and my brother

Ever since my dad died my mom has been a complete and utter BITCH! 

"Oh you think so" as she said that she slapped me hard across the face leaving my cheek red and puffy

Then she just walked away like always.


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