Twisted love

Love is a new thing for Rose Mai. Whe she finally get it is all goes wrong. Will she be able to recover and get away from her stalker or should I say murder? ...


1. School :(

This is my first movella. Hope you will like it :D




The Scotland slappers started again today. Why do they have to rant at me? I am not like them at all; I don’t own any makeup and I have never been to a party you could say I am a daddy’s girl. My friend Daisy is not one of the slappers but she is a stereo typical teenager. I could never be one of them (a slapper) I am 16 years old and I have still not had my first Kiss. I bet they have done the full Monty. I promise myself never to be like them.  Today I was outside the math’s classroom with Daisy, waiting for Mr. Sanderson to let us in.  The smell of cheap perfume drifted towards me along with the Slappers.

“ O.m.g can you smell something “ The leader of the pack stated with a huge grin on her painted lips. She looked like a snake ready to kill.

“Don’t start with me again Taylor” I sweetly whispered. Trying to hide my salty tear I pulled my honey blond fringe across my face. Then I heard the rhythm of her chewing stop. Seconds went by like hours.  Suddenly a huge piece of her sticky strawberry gum was tangled in my hair.

“O.M.G Rose. I have got grease all over my fingers. Why did you do that? I want my chuddy back.” She spat as she yanked the chewing gum out of my hair. She got it back, along with half of my fringe.

The rest of the group’s smirks turned into giggles. Five minutes later they were laughing like 5 year old kids watching a clown.  My tears were clearly visible now. Daisy grabbed my arm, and pulled me into the school toilets. Which smelt of disinfectant and bleach? 

“Just ignore those bitchs “She shrieked  

“I hate them. I hate them. “I yelled at the corner of my eye I saw the mirror. I looked into it deeply. My hair was different lengths it was as tangled as my grandmas knitting. The freckles on my bare face made me look young. I had no makeup on and my eyes looked blood shot, which made them as blue as the sea. Daisy started applying more lipstick, whist with one hand she passed me a brush.


“I know what will cheer you up. There's a party this Saturday , your coming. “she instructed.



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