I wish

Young girl Named Nicole age:17 sings in a 5 member girl group when five new boys come to there school and listen to them sing. As echo girl falls in love with each one Nicole likes Zayn but she has seen this kind of stuff All the time. They will fall in love then he'll find someone else and rudely break up with u. As she starts dating him she finds out one direction are vampires an turns your girl group into vampires and u beg and beg Zayn. But no he says after we get married - if we do. Find out if they do in I WISH!!


2. Dinner is served

Later that day I heard a knock at the door hen I opened it. There stood

Zayn in his sexiest of clothes I said come in and I turned around and he was gone 

Ibfekt his strong arms around my waisti looked up and he started kissing my neck . 

He toke me out to Nando's with a double date with Macie and Louis. When he dropped me back home he said I

Love u and have me a bouqnite of flowers gave me a kiss then left.

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