How I meat you ( a Tomlinson fanfic)

This is how I picture Eleanor and Louis meeting


7. The dinner date/or maybe not

So I went home and got into the shower and washed my hair till I think it was pretty much clean I get out and blow dri my hair clean, and leave it in its waves, I then applie simple makeup like mascara eyeliner and some little lip gloss. I go to my closet to find a pretty dress I end up with a blue dress that's kinda close to my chest a the top and films out as it goes down ending at my knees. I quickly slip on my black heals and grab my bag and walk out to my living room to wait for him. About 2 min later he knocks on my door (or so I think it's him) I open the door ready to go but I find my little sister in tears as she stood at my front door. Oh no. I set my stuff down quickly and take off my shoes I let her in and quickly run up stairs to change I don't think I'm going out I thought to my self as I changed into grey spandex calf legs the spandex that look like leggings but they aren't and a baggy California long sleeve shirt that my dad got me before I left. I run really fast down the stairs and hold my arms out for her. I don't even have to say a word before she starts to run to me. Right when she gets to me there is a knock at my door. I lead my sister over to the couch and while walking to the door put my hair up into a ponytail. I get to the door and open it finding Louis standing there smiling. "You ready to go love."" Well yes I would love to but there has been a family crisis and I really can't leave now."" What's wrong did something happen to your mom? Your dad? Your grandma? Your grandpa?" I shake mt head no to all of those just then my sister walks up to see what's going on. Louis then sees her and says " bad breakup." I nodd to him and go to my sister standing there." Well could I come in? I could make something for you girls? He says. I nodd and let him in and straight to the kitchen. Where I find my....






cliff hanger I will update soon!!!!

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