How I meat you ( a Tomlinson fanfic)

This is how I picture Eleanor and Louis meeting


5. Smiling

**Eleanor's POV**

I woke up smiling at my self and then all of a sudden a loud BANG came from from out side scaring me and me realizing that it was raining. Well I still wanted to go to the BEST coffee place in the world STARBUCKS I got up and went into the closet grabbing a pair of me skinny jeans and my long sleeve shirt that hung loosely and it was an off one shoulder it was grey. Then I pulled out a pair of my sandals that I honestly don't care about and quickly slipped them on grabbed my wallet and my phone, the. My head phones pulled them into my phone and grabbed my keys and jacket then walked out the door. I quickly walked out to my car and and slipped into my car. I started the car and drove off, parked the car, and walked in. Not expecting to see Louis there but I actually did. I went up to order and he came up right behinds me when I was about to pay. And instead gave them money and told them to keep the change. I grabbed my drink and walked it to our table and he quickly took off my jacket and pulled out a chair for me. What a gentlemen. "So what made you decide to come." I asked him as he sat down at his chair. "I wanted to see your beautiful face." He responded to me. I could already feel the heat rising up to my cheeks. "Well I'm glade to see that you actually came I didn't think you would actually come." "Why would I miss an incredible opportunity waiting my time with some silly boys when I could be spending it here with a beautiful girl like you that maybe would like to go out on a date tonight." He said smiling cheekily looking at me as if I was supposed to answer."Wait you want to take me on a date with you?" I questioned looking at him."Yup. Is that a problem.""No not at all how about we go on this as friends and if you really badly want to take me on a date after that then I will go with you on one deal?""Yes so see you tonight a 6 about is that good?""Yes it is see you then." I said as he stood up then pulling out a chair for me luckily it stopped raining for about a little bit. I thanked him got up he ran to open the door for me then he walked me to my car in a comfortable silence. He opened up the door for me and I go in started the car and was about to drive off when he suddenly became really like I honestly don't know. He ran up to my window asking for my number and my address. I have them all to him and drove home.


I will be coming back to update later tonight.    

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