How I meat you ( a Tomlinson fanfic)

This is how I picture Eleanor and Louis meeting


10. Second time around?

*Eleanor's POV*

3 days after she finds her EX in the kitchen.

Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep!!! My alarm goes off I gron and put it to snooz wanting to at least have five more minutes, but right when I was about to fall back to sleep I hear a big crack of thunder." Great!" I hiss under my breath I don't hear the rain paving on my Window so I quickly get up so I can maybe out run the rain. I quickly go to my draws and grab some jean short shorts and a loose white top, identical to the one Selena Gomez uses in her Who Says music video. I put the clothes on the bed and run to the bathroom and take a quick shower, but still managing to wash my hair with in 5 min. I run out of the bathroom quickly going back to my draw and putting on a bra and underwear, then walking to my bed and putting on the clothes I lay out for me to put on. I go to my sock draw and pull out neon pink no show socks and then run out grabbing my phone off its charger and then my purse. I run to the front door grabbing my white vans and putting them on. I grab my grey Californa hoodie and slip it on over my head and taking my hair out from under it. I then run out the door with all my stuff and go into my black car. Dropping everything in it. I check the time it reading 6:00am I have enough time to got to Starbucks grab my drink and go. So that's what I do I pull up to Starbucks and go through the drive through. I order my coffee and go up to the window paying her. She gives me my coffee and I quickly speed off. I pull up to my work and hop out of my car grabbing all my stuff then running in. Right when I get through the door it starts to pour down hard. I sigh under my breath because I just barely made it. I quickly get ushered into my dressing room and I get pushed into the makeup chair. I get mascara and and eye liner. I guess their making me go for a smokey eye look today. Then they give me a really pretty dress it's a black sleeveless dress. I then get ushered out and put up to the photo shot part right after they finish me in the dress Louis walks through the door and get ushered to a seat right next to the camera. I have no idea what he is doing here. Right when I was about to go Speak to him my styles grabs me and hands me another out fit its a loose blue strapless dress that's not tight and kind of loose I then get put back out there but this time they put my hair up into a messy bun and give me black heals. Then they put me on stage again and the camera flash starts again. 


I will update in about an hour I promise   





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