How I meat you ( a Tomlinson fanfic)

This is how I picture Eleanor and Louis meeting


8. Quick EX finding

Louis walks into my kitchen where he finds joe my EX standing looking at me. I start to freak out cuz he was never nice to me he always hurts me and its not fair to me because he never seems to leave me alone! I quickly walk up next to Louis." What are you doing her your not welcome" I told Joe." Why should I because your sister invited me. oh! And Eleanor looking sexy as always." He said to me." Shut up you ass whole and plus this is my house and that means my sister can't just invite you over."I said to him. "Oh so your sister forgot to tell you that I'm her new boyfriend I used her to get to you." I felt Louis tense up right next to me and clench his fist.....



cliff hanger I'm really sorry this chapter isn't that long I will try to update tonight but I've been really busy so that's why I haven't been able to update but I will try to update today tomorrow and if not those two then for sure Monday!!!!!!!!! 

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