How I meat you ( a Tomlinson fanfic)

This is how I picture Eleanor and Louis meeting


1. Moving

Hey guys I just wanted to remind you that this is a story on how I think Eleanor meat Louis but I'm starting it before 2011 I'm doing it when 1D first gets put into a band. ******Eleanor's POV ****

Please read above before u start. Hi I'm Eleanor Calder I recently moved to London. Well actually just did. Any how I have long wavy hair and hazel eyes. I am curently 18 years old.

So now to where I am at now. I walk through the doors of my new flat almost every thing is in here I whisper to my self. Today is September 15th and I'm so far loving the whether. I go back to my car and carry in the last load. Now to start unpack. Oh god. I spend 2 hours almost unpacking all my stuff I just have my clothes then I'm done. 1 hour later. YES I just nfinished now some down time. I grab my phone, book, keys, and my purse and walk out the door ready looking for a Starbucks I have been to London a lot well because of my job. I just got tierd of driving back and forth almost most of the time. I'm a fill in model pretty much, but still it's a job. Anyhow I started walking in the normal route I go to Starbucks and get there. I go and wait in line and order my drink. I wait for my name to be called and find a table and sit down and just get trapped into my world of reading. 2 hours later. It's starting to get dark outside and I knows hat I shouldn't walk home when it gets really dark so I decided to head home. I got home went to take my shower and come down for my every night cup of tea. I go to sit down on the couch and turn on the T.V. I just remembered that the X-Factor is on tonight!!!! YES!!!!!! I totally forgot. I see this curly haird dude his name is Harry I think that's a cheeky name. Then there's this guy his name is Liam. OH yes look that's the Liam that auditioned in 2008 and didn't make it through because Simon didn't think he was ready. Well if Simon says that this time... I would scream. Aw look its a cute guy his name is..... Zayn he looks a little shy. OMG!!!! My heart literally stopped when I saw this guy that sang Hey Their Dehlila. His name is... Ugh what is his name. Larry(tehehe) no Lewis kinda, Louisa nope not a girls, Louis no not tha.... Wait yes it is his name is Louis. **later that night** X-Factor just ended now I can get some rest. I walk to my room repeating Louis name over and over again in my head.

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