How I meat you ( a Tomlinson fanfic)

This is how I picture Eleanor and Louis meeting


2. Meeting Him

**Eleanor's POV**  A year after the boys were on the X-Factor and were now pretty much famous and will be noticed on the street

 I woke up to birds chirping this morning must be a great day. What a beautiful day i decided i would go to Starbucks again and this time then go to the park. I got into the shower and washed my hair and my body till I was pretty happy with it. I walked out into the bathroom and went to my room to look for something to wear. I found some black pair of shorts and then a off a one shoulder long kind of baggy near the arms and the body grey shirt I put them both on then I found some on my favorite Toms i then put my hair up into a messy bun and i really don't like makeup I will only do it unless I have to, then grabbed my phone, my wallet that i could put on my wrist my keys strapped to it and walk out the door. I walked across they street and turned a little corner and walked into Starbucks. I got a strawberry lemon aid smoothy ( acutally really good), and then walked back out so I could take a walk in the park. There were five people that I could see from where i was standing there. AW it was an old lady and her husband and three Mexican people. Weird but OK. I kept on walking and walked passed the two old couple. OH MY GOD. Does that old lady have a stubble she does I thought to my self as i walked passed them. Just my Luck my Clumsy self i dropped my whole drink on the ground "shit" whoops did I say that out loud. "He Don't Cuss ITs Not VERY GOOD!!!!!!! Did that lady or man because that sounded like a guy just say that. Then out of nowhere these Girls just came running towards them and the Mexicans "RUN!!!!!!" is all i herd before they lady was dragging m with them. WOW I never new old people could run fast. Crazy. The people dragging me finally stopped and waled casually into a store. "Paul Girls are back" "oh no are you kidding me" "nope" the old man and this guy named Paul wee talking.  Then after nowhere they just started taking off wigs and fake mustaches and Five guys came out....

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