How I meat you ( a Tomlinson fanfic)

This is how I picture Eleanor and Louis meeting


4. Job Time!!!

***Eleanor's POV*** 

AS I stood in shock of what I just saw I had no idea what to feel. It was One Direction. I was going nuts in my head. I need to pull myself together I though after all these are pretty much just boys how bad could it be? "Are you going to scream Love", Louis asked me. " No after all you guys are pretty much regular people." "Oh well why thank you."" Your very welcome." Is all I said then came an award silence."We'll I really should be going I have work today." Told the boys. "Oh well where do you work we can drive you there." Louis said. "I work as a model at Hollister so could you drive me to the store please.""Ok." All the boys said in usion. They all drove me to the store. As I was walking out of the car I felt my wrist get a grip on them and I decided to turn around. "Will I ever see you again." Louis asked me." We'll u know where I work so maybe." I replied to him. "I guess I will see you then some time he told me. "Yup, well I really have to go. I will be lat for work." Yet he was still holding on to my grip. "Louis can I have my wrist back I kinda need it to work." He just stared at me. "Earth to Louis." "Oh yes.""Can I have my wrist back please.""Oh yeah sorry." "It's fine." I walked in to my modeling building and got straight pushed into my dressing room.

*Louis POV*

When I saw that girl today I was literally star struck I really want to get to know her more but the worse thing of it all is that I didn't even catch her name. I will get it! I HAVE TO!


*Eleanor's POV*

while I was getting my picture taken for the swimsuit part of the thing they started to play Taylor Swift. I kinda like her she is not the best person on my opinion I think she has to many boyfriends then wrights about them breaking up With her. If I ever got the chance to know her I would like to be her friend but if I was a guy I don't think I would ever date her. Anyhow my shift just ended. Finally I had to walk how witch it isn't that far away so I decided to pick up dinner at Nandos. It wasn't that packed to my suprise. I walked in and get what I usually get but I can never say the name so I just point. It's kinda funny watching the waiters trying to understand what I'm pointing at. I got my food and started walking out the door when I see some  faces I recognize walk in, but they are wearing sunglasses and hats so I can't exactly put my finger on it. What ever I start to walk out the door when I hear a pppsssttt! I turn around to be faced with the people I remember meeting earlier today and just wave and try to turn around but of course one just has to grab my wrist so I turn around."Louis I really need to get home."" Sorry Love but I never caught your name earlier."" The name is Eleanor."" Thank you. Do you think I could have you number?"" Sorry but I don't give my number out to strangers so I'm going to give you a time if you really want to see me I usually go to StarBucks at 9 in the morning so if you really want to see me you can meet me there."" What if its raining?"" I will still go and if is snowing I won't now I really should be going."" Alright see you tomorrow." I turn around and walk home I go and eat. Then I take my shower then like every night I grab a cup of tea and go sit down on the couch read my book and then get up and go to bed. 

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