How I meat you ( a Tomlinson fanfic)

This is how I picture Eleanor and Louis meeting


11. BREAK TIME!!!!!

So much model couch dismisses us for lunch and she is so so so so nice she always brings lunch in for us all. I change back into the clothes that I had on earlier when I arrived and went tithe stereo and plugged in my iPod I put it on shuffle and Love Somebody by Maroon 5 starts to play. " Whoo!" Everyone cheers and we all go up to the stage to eat. My couch pulls out some burgers for us because she hates her models anorexic. We all start to munch and eat listening to Maroon 5. We all pretty much Finnish at the same time and stand up to dance with this song! After the song finishes we sit down to talk for a little bit that's when I remembered Louis was here. Out of the corner of my eye I see him get up and walk over to me right when the song Read All About It by Emeli Sande starts to play. He siys down across from me and smilies. "I haven't seen you since I was at your house when we found your EX in your kitchen." He says to me." Well it's nice to see you, how have you been?" I ask him back. "Good. What about you?" "I've been fine." I reply to him." Now about that date that didn't happen do you think tonight will be good?" He ask me. "Yeah I actually think that would be great." I reply back to him. "Wear something casual tonight. Ok?"he tells me."Ok" I reply back to him. He gets up" I will come pick you up at your house at around 6. Is that alright?" He ask me. "Yeah that's fine." He turns around and walks out the door. "Oh Kay everybody back to work. My couch says. As she stands up. I stand up and walk to the dressing room wear there is an outfit it's some black leggings and also black spandex shorts and a black V-Neck with a bright pink sports bra and there's a note that says where your white vans please. I put on the clothes and walk out of the dressing room they come over to me and take my hair out of its messy bun. It's really wavy I guess that's the look they wanted me to go with. I walk over to the photo shoot stand and do my poses. I the. Get ushered back off the stage and to my dressing room where they hand me a pair of with shorts with a bikini top that has black, grey, and white strips. I put it on and walk out there is a beach scene with a volleyball net. I walk out with all the other girls and I'm the first to grab the volleyball and I go the the server spot and we play volleyball for a long time us diving for the ball and actually having fun on this part of the shoot. Finally after that scene it's time for us to go home. I got back to my dressing room and change back into my clothes. I grab my purse and walk out with by best friend Ally. Who I usually bring to come home with me most of my work days I haven't lately though because I've as you can tell been really busy. I got home with her and made sure if it was alright I went out at 6 for about an hour without her. Of course she said yes so I go up stairs to get ready. I put on some black shorts I keep on my white vans and put on a tank shirt that's loose. It's grey with the word beach in bubble letters in each letter it's a different beach. I really like it. I decided to keep my hair down but putt on my grey Bennie and some light mascara and eyeliner. So my usual look. The whole time I'm doing this I have my iPod on my stereo and its playing Stay by Rihanna. I look at the time as the song is ending it says 5:50. I'm waiting for his arrival. There's a knock on the door I run down my stairs before Ally could get there and I have my phone in my back pocket as I'm running I open the door and quickly tell Ally I'm leaving and walk out with Louis.


I will update tomorrow seeing I also have the whole day off to YES!!!!  

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