The Fight For My Life (13+)

Hi, my name is Lisa. I was only 6 when my mom died. I was always depressed after that. Now that I'm 14 its hit harder than ever. I don't sleep, I don't eat, I don't talk to anyone. Ever. No one would want to talk to me. I'm broken, bruised, and hurt. I can't even start to explain what is going on with me now a days. One day this gang from my school tells me that all my problems could go away. They give me this bag if something and a plastic pipe. They told me what to do and I did it. I got really addicted to this stuff, it helped everything. That is until one day I had to start fighting. To live.


4. What's Happening?

I wake up in a field of grass. On my right is a bright light and a bridge. On my left is my life playing over and over. "What in the world?" I mutter. "Lisa.'' I hear someone whisper. "Who...who's there?" I call out. My mom stands in front of me. "Mom.'' I whisper as she pulls me into a hug. Then it hits me. "I'm dead.'' I mutter into my mom's shoulder. "No.'' She shakes her head. "You have a choice, you can go back to earth or you can come with me to paridise.'' I sit down in the grass. ''I don't know what to do.'' I shake head. "Please go back, youre only 14.'' she shakes her head. I nod. "I love you mom.'' I give her one last hug. "I love you too.'' fe whispers. I slowly make my way to the images from my life. Its stops and I see me in a hospital bed wit my dad standing over me crying his heart out. I take a deep breath and pass back over to life.
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