The Fight For My Life (13+)

Hi, my name is Lisa. I was only 6 when my mom died. I was always depressed after that. Now that I'm 14 its hit harder than ever. I don't sleep, I don't eat, I don't talk to anyone. Ever. No one would want to talk to me. I'm broken, bruised, and hurt. I can't even start to explain what is going on with me now a days. One day this gang from my school tells me that all my problems could go away. They give me this bag if something and a plastic pipe. They told me what to do and I did it. I got really addicted to this stuff, it helped everything. That is until one day I had to start fighting. To live.


2. On A Walk


It has been almost eight years since my mum died. I still hate my dad for what happened. The worst part is he takes it all out on me. He beats me, locks me in the basement, makes me serve him and his creepy friends. Its all to much. I turn down my usual shortcut to school, its down an ally. ''Well hello there.'' Someone behind the corner says. ''Leave me alone.'' I state with a strong voice, but I was trembling inside. I have trust issues, deal. ''Hey I'm not the bad guy here his would you like something to ease your pain a little?" He asks. It was tempting, maybe I do need something to ease the pain. ''Like what?" I question. He walks out from the shadows. I could tell by his messy hair and all black clothing he was on of the druggies from school. ''This drug will help tons, promised.'' He holds a bag out to me. In the bag was a green powder looking substance. ''How much?" I ask, I know how these things go down. ''First ones free, for you.'' He smiles creepily. I give him a creeped out look. ''OK.'' I shrug. What's the worst that could happen? ''Oh and here smoke it through this.'' He hands me a clear plastic pipe. ''OK...'' I trail off. ''Just trust me.'' He says. ''Yeah right.'' I laugh. He sighs and puts the green powder in the pipe. ''Put this side into your mouth.'' He puts the powder free side to my face. I hesitant but take it and put it into my mouth. He lights the powder on fire and the smoke rushs into my mouth. ''Just breath.'' He says softly. I breath and my muscles start to relax. I close my eyes and breath in the smoke. ''Maybe this isnt so bad.'' I think. Boy was I wrong.




OK so I just wanna point out I've never done drugs or anything so I really don't know how it works so...yeah.  Bye!

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