kiddnapped by the past

this story is about a gitl named chance and she was kiddnapped will harry save her


2. in this hell hole part 2

i hear walking coming down into the basement , stan says this is my room . yeah right he is funny , i hate this house any kchance i get i will breaK OUT OF THIS HELL HOLE . when i look up i see stan smiling at me . i move back , hey babe come lets go up stairs i need some today , stan commands . no i scream get away from my i hate you you will never get away with this . i already have and your little styles-, my boyfriend i screamed back at his comment , i didnt know why i said bopyfriend i hate but i just need to get out of hear . come babe he commanded while he pushed me to him i kicked him in the balls then punched him in the head he was out ..... cold i only had to stare , just then i ran upstairs . i was lookming for a phone , my phone.


harrys p.o.v

i so happy im going hbome with you boys i blurted out , yeah hazza your uncles cottage is the best lou said as he poked niall in the face . nial is knocked out cold , but i cant wait to see my girlfriend i mean friend . why do you mean friend hazza , liam said with a faced that looked concerned . i just mean when i left she was hot and nobody dared asked her out cause of me and now that i lefrt she probably has a boyfriend she so sexy . is that a turn on zayn gave a sexy smile . i pucnched his arm and jumped out of the car , and said shut up zayn .

later on afrter luch

ahhhh i feel so good , gemmea kept on talking about her new bdoyfriend that got me bummed out about  chance , i decided to run to her house but that didnt go so well . all the boys came .as i knock on her door her mother anwsers , hello darling mrs fabalin  can i speak to chance . hbarry you dont know what happened to her . she said . no what happened ot of no where she cried but then my night mare came



hope you love it love you guys

sorry for the erors

guys i hate school

 love all one direction

im a directioner woahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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