kiddnapped by the past

this story is about a gitl named chance and she was kiddnapped will harry save her


3. ill find her but that vocie of a man

harry she was kiddnapped by some kid . i dropped to my knees and started to cry . i ran to my rooom . five minutes after crying the boys came in my room out of breath .  harry are you ok are going to find her zayn said out of his breath. shut up zayn im going to find her and call her and make her mine , i said with a winners tone of voice while naill ate a cimmion rowl so fast , i bet he is so scared for me . i grab my old phone and ran to the bed and called some one picked up it was a girl it was chance 

h- chance ?

c- yes help please im scared but who is this 

h- har--

as i was about to tell her it was me harry but then i heard a guy  say you little fucker then took the phone from chance and say  to me on the phone  , your a little bitch i flinched at the thought of her staying there the i said leave my girlfriend alone then he chuckled an evil laugh and hanged up i will fing that vocie . i need help from the boys and the stan the man he knows every one it will be easy like shes in his basment .



sorry for the errors 

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