Over again (sequel of Dream Run)

To understand this story please read the first part , its called Dream Run*-* !

Liz's life seems to be perfect so far, but being the wife of an international superstar isn't always easy!! Sure, she's living every girl's dream Life , but many fans hate her, but not just the fans. What if her dad comes back? What if not? ;-)

Read this story to find out how the life of Harry, Liz and of course the rest of the boys is after 1 year.

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10. why? (part 2)

A/N : sorry guys I will never promise to update again because i will end up breaking the promise anyways :( I really wanted to update but school and family keeps me busy 24/7 !! But now i've read a few really sweet comments and thought i should update now so have fun with the following chapter :) love you all lots and thank you if you like and read this story xx


Lizz ' POV :

Note to myself , never drive when you have tears streaming down your face like a waterfall. I was probably driving like a drunk pig but at the end i arrived at nialls house anyways. I whiped away the last few tears that were left on my nose or my cheeks and got out of the car. Niall's car was in his usual spot but there was another car parked beside his white range rover. I should probably leave him alone with his guest - whoever it might be. But where should i go? Before i could continue the little conversation with myself, the front door suddenly opened and niall stepped out, followed by a brunette girl. She was wearing a black dress that went just below her knees and black flats. She was smiling really brightly until she suddenly bumbed into niall who stopped in his tracks as soon as he saw me standing there probably with make up and mascara all over my face. ,, Lizz what happened?" He yelled and instantly wrapped his arms around me, bringing me in one of his amazing hugs. Knowing that this wasn't Harry who was holding me broke my heart so the result of that was.... me, crying like a baby again. I don't even know if i've got any water left in myself. I tried to answers his question but the words just wouldn't leave my mouth. ,, Shhh its ok ... its ok'' he whispered in my right ear whilst rubbing circles on my back to calm me down. Suddenly someone being us cleared their throat. Whoops i totally forgot about the girl. ,, Oh i'm sorry lizz ermm this is Dorothy she is my girlfriend'',, I'm really sorry i didn't want to interrupt you guys i guess i'll better just le-'' i was cut of by ermm what was her name again... oh yeah dorothy. ,, No its absolutely fine love hi my name is dorothy but you can call me dory '' she said and greeted me with a warm smile. I already like her. ,, Hey my name is lizz i'm one of nialls friends" i answered and smiled back at her. ,, Do you want me to make you a cuppa tea? '' she asked whilst leading me back in to the house. ,, you really don't have to..-'' ,, ok so you want one i'll make all of us a tea. I'll be right back'' she said and left me with niall in the living room. I just came to his house crying like a depressed baby and she doesn't even ask any questions instead she's just being nice, she's basically one of the sweetest persons ever. Besides harry of course. Harry. What could he be doing right now? ,, Lizz do you want to tell me what happened?" Niall asked and sat down beside me on the couch. How should i tell him that i'm pregnant? I mean its also kinda awkward to talk about love and all this stuff with him after what happened in the park. ,, niall i'm scared.'' I mumbled. ,,Don't be love just tell me its going to be alright'',, ok so... I'm ... i'm pregnant niall'' i yelled and sobbed in his chest, soaking his white v-neck with my tears and leaving black marks from my mascara. ,, You are what? Oh my god Lizz seriously thats absolutely amazing. Shocking.. but amazing. '' he yelled and jumped up. ,, No niall you don't understand. I'm waaaay to young to be a mother and harry is also way to young to be a daddy. Also you guys are in One direction and one direction is probably the worlds most famous boy band so he will be busy most of the time. But the worst part of this all is that harry probably hates me.'' Right then, dorothy walked in with a tea can and soon brought 3 cups. I explained the whole situation to them , yes, also to dorothy because she is seriously such a sweet, nice and caring girl. 

,, ... and then he said that i should stop being such a bitch and-'' i was cut off for the 100 time today but this time by someone banging on nialls door and ringing the doorbell like their life depended on it. ,, stop banging on that fucking door i'm coming'' niall yelled, annoyance written all over his face. As soon as he opened the door someone came barging in. Someone who i didn't expect to come here. ,, Harry!?!?"

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