Over again (sequel of Dream Run)

To understand this story please read the first part , its called Dream Run*-* !

Liz's life seems to be perfect so far, but being the wife of an international superstar isn't always easy!! Sure, she's living every girl's dream Life , but many fans hate her, but not just the fans. What if her dad comes back? What if not? ;-)

Read this story to find out how the life of Harry, Liz and of course the rest of the boys is after 1 year.

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9. why? (part 1)

Lizz POV: 


I was still cuddled in harry's chest when suddenly anger build up inside me. I mean sure i wanted to have children someday but not now and especially not with the upcoming tour. Why didn't he just use a freakin condom its not that hard to forget. I knew it would be unfair to blame him for all of this but before i could stop myself i asked him a stupid question which i already knew would lead to a fight. And we usually never fight. Like seriously NEVER. Which is quiet strange actually because every couple fights. ,,Harry why didn't you just use a condom?" i asked and harry's expression showed that he didn't expect this question to be asked. ,, What do you mean'' he asked, totally of guard. ,, What could i practically mean harry? Why didn't you just use that stupid condom?" i said in a harsh tone. ,, Seriously lizz?! You're not trying to tell me that this is all my fault are you because if you do then i could ask you the same question. Why didn't you just remind me to use one?" he asked obviously annoyed. My heart tells me not to continue this fight but my mouth thought otherwise because i still ended up yelling at him. ,, Oh now its my fault? Oh you're right i'm so sorry harry" I yelled back at him with even more sarcasm in my voice than before because i knew how he hated that.I got off the couch and so did he. ,, What the hell Lizz! I can't be your Mr. perfect i'm human as well i know i should have used one but you always expect me to be perfect. Guess what.. I'm not. Seriously stop acting like a bitch'' he yelled but his expression showed that he regreted his words the second he spoke them. ,, no wait lizz I didn't mea-'' ,, save it harry i really don't want to hear it. Not right now.'' I mumble and tried to fight the tears back that build up. ,, But lizz-'' ,, just leave it. I will stay somewhere else for the night. bye" I mumbled , grabed my phone and my jacket of the counter and slamed the door behind me as i walked outside. As soon as I was sitting in the car I broke down for the second time that day. I really didn´t mean to fight with him and I felt bad for yelling at him but seriously I´m also right. Anyways I needed to find a place where I could stay for the night. Niall. I know that it might not be the best idea to stay with him after what happened between us but he is one of my closest friends. Sure the other boys are my friends as well but I still felt like staying with Niall at that moment. These are the moments where I wish I had more friends than just these 5 boys. Well I do but not that many and since I´m with harry i don´t really spend much time with them anymore. Ok I can´t really find an excuse why i want to stay with niall right now because I DO have friends its just strange for myself to feel the need to stay with niall in a situation like this. Hopefully he is at home.

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