Over again (sequel of Dream Run)

To understand this story please read the first part , its called Dream Run*-* !

Liz's life seems to be perfect so far, but being the wife of an international superstar isn't always easy!! Sure, she's living every girl's dream Life , but many fans hate her, but not just the fans. What if her dad comes back? What if not? ;-)

Read this story to find out how the life of Harry, Liz and of course the rest of the boys is after 1 year.

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6. Pregnant?

dHarry's Pov:


Surprisingly our management didn't say anything about me not coming to the Meeting the other day! We were supposed to go on tour in a month and we were all really exited about it.

I was sitting on our huge couch and watched a strange reality show when i got a call from Zayn. ,, Hey mate , simon just called me and told me that we have a meeting in an hour ! I already called the other lads and told them to come so get ready.''

,,Oh ok did he tell you why?" I asked. ,,Nope'' he simply said. ,,oh ok ermm so i'll see you later'' i said but he already hung up. I chuckled and continued watching tv because i was already dressed and good to go. Suddenly i felt a pair of short, warm arms wrap around my neck from behind and Lizz' hot breath next to my left ear. ,,Hello Angel'' i chuckled and turned my head so i could give her a small peck on the cheek. She giggled and climbed over the sofa (and half over me) so she could sit in my lap. ,, Hi'' she answered and gave me a sweet kiss. ,, Zayn just called and told me that we have a meeting in about an hour but this time i really have to go there ok?" I said and kissed her nose. ,, Ugh fine but only if you promise that you'll bring pizza with you on your way back home'' she said and crossed her arms. I laughed and nodded ,, ok i promise''. Suddenly her stomach growled and she jumped up an ran towards the bathroom. I followed her and found her bending over the toilet ,throwing up. I gently pulled her hair back and rubbed circles on her back to comfort her. This wasn't the first time this week that she had to throw up or just feel sick in the morning... but only in the morning. Then it hit me... the day we spent together at home and i missed the meeting we kinda like ... ermm... had sex after we woke up again and... i might have forgotten to use a condom... but I think i'm not ready to become a dad. Not now because the tour starts soon. Lizz brought me back to reality by flushing the toilet. I helped her up and held her whilst she cleaned her face. She looked so fragile and pale so i picked her up bridal style and carried her back to the living room. I layed her down on the couch and wrapped a blanket around her. ,, Do you want me to make you a tea?'' I asked. She nodded and whispered ,, Yes please''. I made her the tea and walked back in the living room. I placed the tea next to her on the couch table and sat next to her. ,,Lizz i gotta ask you something'' i began and looked at her. She gave me the -tell me already- look so i continued. ,,Remember our lazy day? Or better say remember what we did that night?" I asked and the blush on her face was an answer enough for me. ,, Yeah'' she whispered , now red like a tomato. I chuckled but turned back to being serious. ,, Well I'm not sure... if i used ... i'm not sure if i used a condom'' . She shot up and looked at me in shock. ,, Shit.. shit, shit, shit'' she mumbled. ,,So you think i'm pregnant?" she yelled completely in shock. ,, Yeah but we can't be sure about it. You know what, I'll bring a pregnancy test with me ." 

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