Over again (sequel of Dream Run)

To understand this story please read the first part , its called Dream Run*-* !

Liz's life seems to be perfect so far, but being the wife of an international superstar isn't always easy!! Sure, she's living every girl's dream Life , but many fans hate her, but not just the fans. What if her dad comes back? What if not? ;-)

Read this story to find out how the life of Harry, Liz and of course the rest of the boys is after 1 year.

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5. ****please read****a/n*****

Hey guys i found a girlfriend for Niall so no requests anymore please :) congrats to Dorothy I choose you to be his girlfriend first of all because you were the first one who asked and i thought that you were nice so yeah congrats :) sorry for everyone who DM me on twitter and asked to be his girlfriend or to anyone who messaged me on kik I was happy of all the requests!!!

I also wanted to ask you guys if you could maybe comment more often because I think that everyone know that its really nice to read the comments :) it would mean allot if you´d not just read but also leave a comment once :) I love you all <3

Oh and who was at a 1D concert or is going? I can´t wait for the concert in munich ONLY 17 DAYS LEFT *.*and its also my birthday at that day yeeeeey :)  but I´m sorry for everyone who didn´t get a ticket I hope you get to meet them one day or go to an concert !!! Thank you for reading and yeah please comment, read, like and fave :)

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