Over again (sequel of Dream Run)

To understand this story please read the first part , its called Dream Run*-* !

Liz's life seems to be perfect so far, but being the wife of an international superstar isn't always easy!! Sure, she's living every girl's dream Life , but many fans hate her, but not just the fans. What if her dad comes back? What if not? ;-)

Read this story to find out how the life of Harry, Liz and of course the rest of the boys is after 1 year.

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Guys I´m sorry I couldn´t update because I had a REALLY bad week but I know what I want to write so I think I´ll write it tomorrow. BUUUUUUT I need a girlfriend for Niall because I feel bad for him hahaha xD I bet there are a few girls who would like to be his girlfriend in this story so if you want to be her then please tell me this : your name, describe your personality, eye colour, hair colour and length and just tell me a few things about you like your hobby or stuff like that and also tell me why you want me to choose you :) (you don´t need to write a really long text !!!) :) soo yeah just leave a comment below please :) love you all Xxx

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