Rise of the Sentients : Prologue

A story i wrote about three years a ago just thought id put it up


1. Prologe

20 years ago a group of the world greatest and most prestige scientist were called together by man called Anthony Troyer. He announced that on the 21st of May 2028 that he had found the secret of Lazarus the key to eternal life. Most scientists accepted this invitation except one great man the only man who told them to stay away from this cure for death this man was my father Prof. Arthur Sync. A week after the announcement Anthony Troyer held an exhibition to show the world his genius. The exhibition was shown on television and radio to show the masses of people the cure of a life time. Prof. Troyer showed a thick black liquid that he called the sentient elixir he explained that he had found this black sludge in the center of a forest he calls the Everjungle it is a dangerous and evil place where hundreds of mutated species of animal and trees inhabit.

Near the end of his talk he grabs the elixir and drinks it afterwards he made a face as if he had tasted something terrible but he never looked back up as he screamed in terrifying pain he raised his hand and shot out a black tentacle which grabbed the front row of people and everyone started panicking with good reason he had become a sentient a zombie like creature which changes the anatomy of a mammals to enable it to infect other mammal but unlike zombies it doesn’t need to feed on anything. The world has been virtually destroyed and humans only live in small groups named survivors or they were mutated into a shell of human controlled by the symbiotic parasite known as the sentient. My name is Dorian Sync leader of the survivor defense team a group of survivors that fight sentient menace and the world’s last hope.

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