Broken Glass

17 year old Dianna Avery is anything but your average teenage girl, with a messed up past and a hopeless future. But when she meets Zayn Malik, a boy with some dark secrets of his own, can she finally let go?


5. The Park

After spending nearly two hours in the restaurant, eating and laughing and talking, Liam clapped his hands, and announced that we were leaving for the local park. Zayn handed me my cardigan, and I stood, shrugging it on, then tucking in my chair. As Liam payed the bill I noticed Eleanor studying me, and I dipped my head, hiding behind my hair. Did she suspect..? I knew I had a problem, but I wasn't about to go and ask for help, especially from people who will forget about me after a couple of days. I'd barely eaten anything at our meal, brushing it off as the 'incident' ruining my appetite, but I knew El was suspicious. But soon enough Louis got her distracted by tickling her, and by the time she'd recovered we were leaving the restaurant, off to the park. I walked close to Zayn again, lost in our conversation. It took us about 20 minutes to walk to the park, but the time flew by while me and Zayn talked. He was so easy to chat with, one topic flowed to another seamlessly, our laughs filling the air around us. Soon enough we reached the park Zayn was so keen on going to, and I could see why when we walked through the gates. There were trees and plants of every variety, colour and scent clustered in the centre of a huge expanse of grass, dotted with tiny daisies and clovers. Zayn led me over to a spot next the the cluster of trees, the others following us, Louis and Harry already mucking around and giving each other piggybacks, Eleanor laughing at them all the way. Liam was helping Niall carry the box of leftovers he'd taken from the burger place, scolding him when he tried to open the box and take bits whilst they were walking. I settled down on the grass, in the shade of a looming oak, and Zayn sunk down next to me, while Niall and Liam sat a couple of feet away, Liam still slapping Niall's hands away from the food in the box. El, Louis and Harry were playing some weird leapfrog game out on the green, and for some reason Harry kept on pretending to have spasm attacks, which made Louis and El collapse in laughter, clutching each other for support.

'I wish I could have a relationship like that' I sighed, then I blushed furiously, realising I'd said my thought out loud. Zayn chuckled, and said something under his breath which I didn't quite catch. We sat in silence a little longer, watching El, Louis and Harry play, and listening to Niall and Liam bickering.

'Liaaaaaaaaam, I don't see why I can't just have a nibble-' 'Niall, I've told you a hundred times, you can't just eat what you want all the time, it'll catch up with you eventually!'

'So love, you know pretty much everything about me now, and I know very little about you!' Zayn commented from next to me, taking me by surprise.

'Um, yeah...I guess...' I trailed off, unsure of what he wanted me to say.

'Let's play Twenty Questions!' He suggested, and I froze. Twenty Questions? What if he asked me about my family, or my job, or, or...His voice interrupted my panicked thoughts as he spoke again. 'I'll start. Favourite colour?' He queried. I relaxed slightly at the easy question. 'Dark purple, you?'

'Green' he replied. 'Your turn to ask.'

'Um...middle name?' I inquired.

'Javadd' he shot back. I raised my eyebrows at his unusual name.

'I've never heard that name before, is it foreign?' I asked cautiously, not wanting to offend him.

'I guess you could say that!' He chuckled. 'It's Arabic' he continued, smiling sheepishly 'I'm a Muslim, so yeah, that's why I have an Arabic name, my parents didn't just randomly think 'Ooh, that's a good name for our son'' He laughed warmly. I offered a grin in return, before he opened his mouth to ask me another question.

'' any tattoos?' He looked at me curiously.

'Not yet, but maybe in the future' I admitted, whilst eyeing his inked arms.

'Well as you can tell, I quite like them!' He exclaimed, pulling the neck of his shirt down so I could see some of his other ones.

My eyes wandered over the little black markings, taking in each one. Well it wasn't every day you got an up close view of Zayn Malik's chest now, was it? Before I could ask my next question, Harry ran over and grabbed my hands, pulling me to my feet before slinging me over his shoulder and running back towards El and Louis. I pounded his back, trying to get him to put me down, scared he might drop me from his 6 ft frame. I could hear Zayn laughing as Harry carried me away, before catching him crying after us, 'Put her down mate, you might drop her!'

''Never!' Harry shouted back defiantly over his shoulder, continuing on his path towards Louis and Eleanor, pretending to drop me various times just to wind Zayn up. Once we reached the spot where El and Louis were sitting, he carefully deposited me on the grass, before sitting down himself, chuckling. 'You're bloody light, y'know that Di?' he panted, squinting at me. 'Um, I guess it's just in my genes?' I shrugged, nervously laughing. He smiled, and turned to the couple in front of us. Eleanor was crowning Louis with a daisy chain, taking out her phone and snapping a picture before he even knew what had happened. 'Omigosh, totally instagramming this Lou!' She cried, laughing like a loon. 'Oh hell no!' He tried to snatch the phone out of her hands, desperately attempting to grab it and delete the girly picture. 'Here, Harry!' she cried, tossing him the phone before pouncing on Louis, trying to hold him down. Harry snatched the phone out of the air and grinned, his thumbs tapping the letters on the screen. 'There we go, done!' He yelled, waving the phone in the air. 'Hashtag flowerstagram' He taunted Louis, who now lay on the floor moaning while El rolled around, clutching her stomach from laughing so much. 'My reputation is ruined forever!' Louis groaned dramatically, batting Eleanor away when she attempted to ruffle his hair. I watched the scene in amusement, laughing quietly as I watched Louis pretending to sob, and pushing both Harry and El off him when they mock-comforted him. They were so different to how I'd thought...I'd always imagined most celebrities to be full of themselves, always keeping up the charade that they were better than everyone else, more perfect and desirable. But these guys...they were just normal people, enjoying themselves without any thought to how they might look or what people might say if they saw them. I'd always wanted friends, and now I finally felt like I was included. It was only temporary of course, but I decided to savour the feeling while it lasted.

'Boo!' A voice from behind me snapped me out of my train of thought, making me jump out of my skin. I turned around to find Zayn grinning at me, and I smiled ruefully. 'You scared me!' I pushed him in the chest, making him laugh. 'Is that all you got?' He asked teasingly, pulling me to my feet. 'You can do better than that! C'mon, fight me!' He bounced from foot to foot, imitating a boxer. I giggled, before shaking my head and sitting back down. 'Ehh, fine' he chuckled, placing himself on the ground next to me. Liam and Niall made their way over, and we sat chatting in a group as the sun gradually got lower in the sky. Finally, Liam stood up, stretching his arms out, suppressing a yawn. 'C'mon guys, I think we should be heading back now, we've got work tomorrow!'  Eleanor got onto her feet too, her hands on her hips. 'Up you get!' She cried, poking Niall with her foot. Niall groaned, his arms resting on his full belly, Liam had lost the fight to save the leftovers for later. 'Carry meh El!' Louis shouted, reaching out for her, and El giggled, reaching for his hands and pulling him to his feet. Harry slowly stood up, and offered me his hand. I took it, and he forcefully yanked me upwards, nearly pulling my arm out of its socket. 'Woah, careful Haz, you nearly broke her then!' Zayn chastised him, gently pulling me over to him. 'Sorry Dianna!' Harry mumbled. 'It's okay' I chimed, not minding in the slightest. We began our walk back to Zayn and Nialls apartment, Harry bagsying the nice sofa on the way, seeing as he was staying over. We eventually reached the apartment block, and Liam said his goodbyes, pulling me into a brief hug before slipping into a Taxi to go back to the flat he shared with his girlfriend. Louis and Eleanor also went on their way, they were staying at Eleanor's place half an hour away, so they had a bit of a drive ahead of them. Louis whipped off the beanie I was wearing and placed it onto his own head, before chucking my chin and singing a dramatic goodbye to me, then Eleanor stood in front of me. She pulled me into and embrace, hugging me tight. 'It was lovely meeting you today Di!' She said in my ear. 'Can I have your number? I need to hang out with you again, I think we're going to be good friends!' She cried, making me laugh at her optimism. But then I froze. I didn't actually own a phone, but how was I supposed to tell her that? Every normal person has a mobile, she'd be surprised if I admitted to not having one...I suppose I can't really do anything else though. 'I, um, I don't have a phone...' I mumbled, trailing off at the end of my sentence. Her eyes widened. 'Seriously? You don't? Wow, that's so wierd, I've never met anybody without a phone before! Well, I guess you can tell Zayn where you live then, and we can meet up sometime? I'm sorry, I've got to go now, I will see you again though!' She brushed her lips on my cheek, and slid into the car next to Louis, before it pulled away.

I turned to Zayn, who was looking at me expectantly. Niall had already gone up to the apartment, so it was just me and him now. 'Um...what?' I asked self conciously, running my fingers through my hair. 'Your address silly! El was right, we all want to hang out again, today was great! I  love talking to you, and El obviously thinks you're best friend material...what's wrong?' He asked, noticing the look on my face. I took a deep breath to conceal the panic running through my head. I couldn't tell him where I lived! I lived with a load of other girls like me, in a tiny flat the club provided for us. And if he ever came to pick me up, he'd realise, and want nothing to do with me! I opened and closed my mouth, struggling for words. 'I, um, I...I have to go, I'm sorry!' I turned on my heel and began walking away, pulling the cardigan El had leant me tighter around me. 'What? Dianna!' Zayn called after me, and I sped up, trying to get away from him. I felt so guilty running off after having such a lovely day with him, and just leaving him there, but it was the only way. I'd prefer him to remember me like this, than see me for what I really am. A bloody whore. I heard footsteps running after me, and I tried to go faster, tears blurring my eyes. But he caught me, his hand reaching my shoulder and spinning me around to face him. 'Di...why won't you tell me where you live?' His voice sounded a bit hurt, and my guilt suddenly became 10x heavier. 'Did you not have fun today?' He asked sadly. 'No! Today has been one of the best days of my life, I've never been around such nice people, it's just..' I protested, trailing off. 'Just what?' He pressed, concern in his eyes. 'I looked at the floor, tears pooling in my eyes once more. 'I...I haven't been completely honest with you Zayn.' I whispered, staring at the pavement. 'What? What do you mean?' He asked, confused. 'I...I work...I work in a club!' I blurted out. He just looked even more confused, his hand reaching for my shoulder. 'A club? That's not so bad, decent work's hard to find, I understand-' 'No, not a party club,' I cut him off, trying to get my point across. 'I don't know what you mean Dianna! A club is a club!' I sighed, tugging on my hair. 'No, I mean like, a men's club...' I trailed off, waiting for his reaction. His breath caught in his throat, and he let out a long sigh. 'Oh Dianna...' He whispered, pity in his eyes. 'And I couldn't tell you where I live because I live in a flat with all the other girls and I didn't want you to think of me badly and I just wanted you to remember me how I was today because today I was the happiest I've been in a long time and it was so perfect and-' He cut me off my pulling me into a hug. 'You're coming home with me.' He stated firmly. 'Wha-' 'No way am I letting you go back there. No. C'mon.' He said, tugging my hand back towards his flat. 'Zayn...' 'No. Just no. Dianna, you're staying with me for a while' He cut off the remainder of my protests, and continued guiding me back towards his apartment. My head scrambled to understand out what he'd just said. I was moving in...with Zayn Malik?

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