Broken Glass

17 year old Dianna Avery is anything but your average teenage girl, with a messed up past and a hopeless future. But when she meets Zayn Malik, a boy with some dark secrets of his own, can she finally let go?


1. Lost

Bright lights spun in front of my eyes, the pulsating beat from the huge speakers pounding through my head, the heavy smoke in the room fogging up my vision. This was too much, I couldn't breathe, I had to get out. I rose from the strangers lap I'd been perched on as the panic started to kick in, stumbling over to the door, anything to get away from the vile clouds of grey that were clogging up my senses, my arms desperately seeking the handle. I twisted away from the groping hands reaching for me, the leering smiles of the creepy old men. My palms finally met the wooden door, and I stumbled out into the alleyway, gasping for air, sinking down against the grimy brick wall, my head between my knees. I relaxed a little as the panic subsided, my panting breaths beginning to slow, my racing pulse calming back to a steady beat. I sighed, and shakily stood up, wiping under my eyes to get rid of any smudged mascara. My stomach twisted at the thought of going back in there, into that seedy club where I earned what little money I could, dancing for the perverted old guys whose wives had long since left them. I could probably get away with skiving, just for tonight. The other girls would cover for me, they knew about my problem, and besides, they can get more tips off my customers if I'm not there...I've worked my ass off the last couple weeks, I think I can afford a night off anyway. 'Okay then' I thought to myself. 'Let's get out of here!' I brushed myself off, carefully smoothing my dress into place, before setting off out of the small alleyway into the night.

Halfway down a shortcut alleyway, I froze. There was a man up ahead, illuminated by the full moon, but partially hidden in the shadows of the alley. I shuffled backwards slightly, hoping he hadn't seen me, but I stumbled over a broken beer bottle. The tinkling sound of broken glass filled the silent air, and the man's head snapped towards me. He pushed himself off the wall, throwing his can to the floor, and advanced towards me. I turned on my heel, walking as fast as I could back the way I came. I knew that this was a dangerous part of town, but I never thought I'd be one of the unlucky few to get...well, attacked. His footsteps grew faster behind me, and I knew he'd started to run. My own feet began jogging, the same panic I'd felt earlier spreading through me like wildfire. I turned a corner, desperately searching for an escape route, but just as I spotted the exit to a road up ahead an arm reached out, and spun me around. My eyes met his face, seeing if I could identify my attacker but he wasted no time, roughly pushing me up against a wall, his hands greedily pulling up the hem of my dress, fingers pressing hard into my thighs. His rough lips met mine, a slimy tongue forcing its way between my lips, searching around my small mouth. My own hands frantically tried to push him off, hitting his back with all my strength, but it was as if he couldn't even feel it. Soon his hand was touching me, his other hand forcefully groping my bum. After a couple of minutes of exploring me, he pulled back, reaching for his belt, his fingers fumbling, trying to rid himself of his trousers. I took advantage of his distraction, kicking him as hard as I could in the groin, before pushing him away and sprinting down the small alleyway. I was almost out when he tackled me from behind, forcing me to the ground, pinning me beneath him. A scream forced itself from my throat, piercing the calm night atmosphere. 'Help! Someone, please, help! Help me! Ple-' My screeching was cut off by his hand roughly slapping across my mouth, but it was too late, I could hear footsteps. A swearword escaped his mouth, and he scrambled off me, spitting in my face before running back down the dark alley. I sobbed in relief, and dragged my self towards the exit, towards the footsteps that had saved me. A dark figure turned the corner, and I immediately cringed against the wall, a broken sob causing my body to shake. 'Please...please don't hurt me...please...' My weak voice trailed off as the figure neared, and my blurry eyes could just make out a blonde streak in a perfectly styled, chocolate brown quiff, before his arms wrapped around me, scooping me up into a bridal position. As I faded from conciousness, the last thing I head was a velvety voice whisper 'You're safe now.'

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