Broken Glass

17 year old Dianna Avery is anything but your average teenage girl, with a messed up past and a hopeless future. But when she meets Zayn Malik, a boy with some dark secrets of his own, can she finally let go?


3. Introducing One Direction

The picture clattered to the floor as I stood in shock, frozen by my realisation. These boys weren't just any boys, they were the worldwide phenomenon boyband, One Direction. The door burst open behind me, and I spun around, meeting the eyes of Zayn.

'Are you okay? I heard a crash...' He trailed off, his eyes finding the picture at my feet. He looked up again, and smiled sheepishly. 'I guess you've figured out who I am now, right?'

I nodded, speechless, before finding my voice.

'I'm sorry, I should really go, you shouldn't of done any of this, really, I don't want to be any more trouble for you, so I'll be going now, I'll just get my dress, and then-'

Zayn cut me off by laughing, an amused expression on his face at my frantic apology. 'You're not going anywhere until we're sure you're okay, love' He chuckled. 'Seriously, you're no trouble at all...besides, if I hadn't found you, who knows what would have happened? He asked, the smile leaving his face, troubled at the thought. 'C'mon now, the boys want to meet you properly!' He reached out his hand, the grin back on his gorgeous face. I hesitated, unsure of what to do. 'This is weird, I really shouldn't be here...I'm a nobody, and you're one fifth of fucking One Direction!' I gushed, before clamping a hand over my mouth, embarassed. Zayn chuckled again, his eyes sparkling. 'Dianna, it doesn't matter to me, I just want to help. Now seriously, c'mon, I'll make you some food and you can say hello to the guys'. With a sigh, I allowed him to take my hand and lead me into back into the living room, my eyes on the floor as he sat me down at the island next to the kitchen. 'Guys, come talk to Dianna, I'm gonna make her some toast' Zayn tossed over his shoulder as he walked round the island into the kitchen bay. I looked nervously over at the other boys, before sliding my gaze back over to Zayn, who nodded encouragingly.

'Did I hear you say toast, Zayn?' The Irish boy, Niall, cried. 'I want some!' I smiled slightly at his enthusiasm, as did the other guys. Harry came over and sat next to me at the island, Liam taking my other side, Louis, standing on the opposite side whilst Niall bounced over to Zayn, pestering him about the toast.

'I'm Harry' the curly haired one said, cracking a smile.

'Yeah, um, I know.' I weakly smiled in response, and he chuckled at my hesitation.

'You're Dianna yeah? Chipped in Louis. 

'That's me' I responded quietly.

'I'm Loooooouis!' He announced, laughing as I jumped at his sudden loud tone.

'And you already know I'm Liam' Liam chuckled next to me.

'Don't forget me, I'm Niall!' shouted the the blonde boy, before stuffing some toast in his mouth.

'If you couldn't already tell, Niall quite likes food' whispered Harry, his green eyes sparkling with mirth.

I giggled quietly, watching as Zayn chased Niall trying to get my toast back off him. Finally Niall gave in, and Zayn placed the toast in front of me.

'Sorry about that, love' He offered me some Nutella, but I shook my head, and he shrugged, sticking his finger in the jar and licking a dollop off his finger. I gingerly picked up the toast of the plate, and stared at it. I...I'm not the best at eating. I don't really like food, and avoid eating it if I can, but I didn't really want to be rude, so I picked it up and took a bite, before smiling somewhat convincingly at Zayn. 'Thank you' I whispered.

'It's no problem' He smiled down at me. I suddenly realised how much taller they all were than me...mind you, it's not hard to be taller than me, I'm only 5ft 3. There came a knock on the door, and Louis jumped up, running over to open it.

'Aah, that must be Eleanor' Liam said.

Louis opened the flat door, and in walked a girl, obviously Eleanor. She had her brown hair up in an elegant topknot, large sunglasses balanced on her nose and was dressed in a simple pair of jeans and vest, topped off with a blazer. She was stunning. Louis leaned over and gave her a quick peck on the lips, before ushering her in, closing the door behind her.

'She's Louis' girlfriend' clarified Harry, winking at me. I gave him a small smile in return, before looking back at Eleanor. She and Louis came over to the table.

'Hey guys!' She cried, smiling widely.

'Hey El' 'Hiya' 'Alright?' 'EL!' Each of the boys responded. She grinned, then her eyes settled on me, and her eyes turned warm.

'You must be Dianna' she said, walking round the island and pulling me into a hug. I froze, shocked at her instant friendliness. But my arms wrapped around her and hugged her back, much to my surprise. 'Louis told me what happened, I'm so sorry, you poor thing' She whispered, leaning back, her hands on my shoulders. 'How old are you?' she asked.

'I'm 19' I mumbled.

'Really? You look younger' she replied, frowning. But soon her grin reappeared, and she turned towards the rest of the boys.

'So, what's the plan guys?' She trilled, hopping over to Louis.

Zayn looked at me. 'What do you want to do, Dianna?' he asked kindly, smiling.

I looked at the floor, unsure of what to say. 'Well, I guess, um, I should probably head home, I mean, you've been so kind to me, I really shouldn't keep you any longer...' Zayn shook his head.

'Please stay?' He asked hopefully.

'Yeah, we could do with someone new around' chipped in Harry.

'Just for today Dianna, you could hang out wit' us!' cried Niall 'Also, are ya' gonna finish tha' toast?' I shook my head, smiling, and pushed the plate towards him.

I looked at Louis, Eleanor and Liam, and they were all nodding enthusiastically, kindness in their eyes.

'Well, um, okay then...' I stuttered.

'HOORAY!' shouted Louis, a huge grin on his face.

Zayn came over and stood next to me, his hand on my shoulder.

'Right then love' he smiled down at me 'I think we all want to get to know you a bit more, so why don't we go out and do something fun?'

'Go Karting!' cried Harry

'Hmm, maybe something a little less rough, eh mate?' Laughed Liam.

'We could just go out for lunch?' Eleanor suggested. 'Show her around the area a little? Like a tour.'

The boys nodded, and Zayn grinned.

'Great, sounds like a plan. El, did you bring some stuff for Dianna like I asked?'

'Yup' she replied, motioning to her bag. 'C'mon Dianna, I'll give you some clothes that'll actually fit you, unlike this fatty's' She giggled, elbowing Zayn. He mock-pouted, before giving me a big grin. Eleanor took my hand and led me back to Zayn's room to get changed.



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