Broken Glass

17 year old Dianna Avery is anything but your average teenage girl, with a messed up past and a hopeless future. But when she meets Zayn Malik, a boy with some dark secrets of his own, can she finally let go?


4. Going Out

As soon she closed the door behind her Eleanor began pulling clothes out of her bag, chucking them on the bed.

'I wasn't sure what sort of thing you'd like, so I just stuck with basics y'know?' She said happily, spreading out a top. 'And I'm pretty sure I got the size right, Louis said you were tiny so I picked up some stuff I had last year, before I had a growth spurt' She smiled at me. 'Take your pick!'.

I looked at the spread of clothes she'd lain on the bed in wonder. Each thing was so pretty! I basically lived in some old baggy jeans and stringy vests, not really having any money to spare on nice clothes. My hand trailed over a caramel coloured jumper, relishing the feel of the soft material. Eventually I picked out some plain black jeans and a cute grey band t-shirt, with a baggy dark green cardigan to go over the top, and hopped over to the bathroom to put them on. When I came back out Eleanor handed me a pair of black boots, a size too big but still comfy. 'D'you want some makeup?' She asked kindly, handing me a bag and motioning towards the mirror. 'Oh gosh, that sounded rude, I didn't mean you look bad!' She giggled 'Just I always feel a bit naked without mascara, y'know?' I smiled back at her, a real smile this time. She was so sweet and funny, I couldn't help but like her, even though I'd be giving her stuff back at the end of the day, and would probably never see her again. 'Make the most of it then' I thought to myself, and gratefully took the bag, standing in front of the mirror. I reached in and pulled out concealer, luckily Eleanor had a similiar skin tone to me. I swiped it under my eyes to disguise my dark circles, then took an eyeliner, and gently lined my eyes, defining them, before taking her mascara and carefully coating my lashes. I leant back, finished, and was shocked to see how huge my eyes looked in my hollowed face. I hadn't seen myself in a mirror properly for quite a long time, and I now realised why everyone was being so gentle with me. I looked like a china doll, ready to break. I ran my fingers through my messy waves again, and turned to Eleanor, finally done. ''re gorgeous, y'know?' She said slowly, taking in my cleaned up face. 'I thought you were pretty when I saw you in the other room, but've got such a nice face. You're so skinny though...' I panicked, not wanting her to continue making observations about my weight. 'Um, do you have a hat I can borrow? My hair's kind of rough looking today'. I asked quickly, trying to distract her. 'Oh yeah, sure!' She reached into the bag and produced a black beanie, which she handed to me. I pulled it on over my unruly hair, tugging it into place, before turning back to Eleanor and giving her a hesitant smile. 'Th-Thank you, Eleanor. I mean, you barely know me and- I tried to thank her, but she cut me off, a kind smile on her face. 'It's no problem lovely!' She cried. 'It's nice to have a new friend around! And please, call me El, everyone else does...can I call you Di by the way? Dianna's kinda a mouthful!' I nodded, a little taken aback. Did she just call me her friend? And she's giving me a nickname? That's pretty much the friendliest thing anyone's done for me. 'Okay then Di, you ready?' She asked, packing the leftover clothes back into her huge bag, before turning to me and grinning. 'Um, sure...El?' I replied, uncertainly. 'That's ma name, don't wear it out!' She joked, before grabbing my hand a tugging me over to the door.

'We're ready boys!' She cried, pulling the door open. 'Di scrubs up nicely, wait till' you see her!' I flushed red, embarrassed at her announcement. I trailed after her back into the open living room, walking back to the group of boys and making my way to stand next to Zayn.

'Phwoar, you weren't lying El!' said Harry, looking me up and down. I cringed, almost hiding behind Zayn, who gave Harry a stern look.

'Di, eh?' Zayn looked down at me, amused, his eyebrows raised, waiting for an explanation. 'Um, El asked if she could call me that...she's very, um, friendly?' He chuckled, nodding his head. 'That's Eleanor for you' he joked. The other boys and El were now talking amongst themselves, and Zayn cleared his throat, getting their attention. 'C'mon then guys, we're gonna go to Niall's second favourite for lunch, then the park, alright?' he asked, slinging on a leather jacket. Niall's face dropped. 'No Nandos?' he asked mournfully. 'Not today mate, you've had it every day this week so far! Nah, we're gonna go to the Gourmet Burger Kitchen place, will that do?' Zayn replied, patting Niall on the back. 'Well it's not Nandos, but it'll do, I suppose.' Niall grumbled. Everybody laughed, and we made our way to the door of Zayn and Niall's flat. Zayn locked the door behind him, and El came and linked arms with me, dragging me over to walk with her, Louis and Harry. 'Today's gonna be so fun!' She cried, nearly skipping with excitement. After walking down a couple flights of stairs, we finally reached the apartment block's doors. Surprisingly there was no paparazzi around, and we got out onto the street with no hassle whatsoever. It was a short 10 minute walk to the restaurant Zayn had suggested, and I walked side by side with him, chatting, getting to know each other. It was pointless really, I knew that tomorrow I was just gonna go back to being plain old Dianna Avery, working every night just so she can afford to feed herself. But I let myself relax around Zayn anyway, and we talked about his work and his life, how crazy it must be. I made extra effort to keep the conversation on him and not about me, and deflected any of his questions back to something about him. He'd be horrified if he found out what I did for a living, or even if he knew where I keep it to myself, and treasure the day I had ahead of me. We reached the restaurant, and were shown to a private table near the back, away from the rest of the customers. I was seated with Zayn on one side of me, Liam on the other, Eleanor opposite me and the other three on either side of her. We all talked as a group, laughing and making jokes, and for the first time, even though I'd only known them for a morning, I felt like I had friends.

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