Are We Friends Or Are We More?

Dalis Monroe was born in New York City, but moved to Manchester with her mother when she was 14 years old. Dalis is a singer and was discoverd by Simon Cowell when she was 16 years old. Dalis is now 18 years old and has an amazing career and Dalis is best friends with the amazing boyband One Direction! She has been best friends with the boys for 2 years and is super close with them. Dalis and Zayn did date for awhile, now they are just friends. But Dalis finds herself falling for another one of the boys..but will he feel the same?


35. Surprise

 I woke up the next morning and got dressed. 

*Dalis outfit

I was standing infront of the mirror straightening my hair singing, 

"Mirror on the wall

Here we are again

Through my rise and fall

You've been my only friend" 


"Ms. Monroe" Dr.Mitchell said knocking on the door,"It's time for group." 

I unplugged my straightener and went to group. 

I didn't really pay attention to what everyone was saying during group, I was too distracted looking at the empty seat next to me. 

"You  guys are dismissed," Dr.Mitchell said breaking me away from my thoughts,"You can all go." 

I stood up from my seat and Dr.Mitchell stopped me.

"Dalis, you seemed distracted during group." 

"I'm sorry, I was just thinking about stuff," I said putting on a fake smile. 

"Dalis, if you want to talk about what happened the other day, we can talk."

"No thanks, i'm fine really." 

I walked back into my room and layed down on my bed playing with the silver necklace that was around my neck. 

I haven't taken it off once since I've been here. 

I got off my bed and went over to a calender that was hanging on my wall. 

Today was February 1st. 

I grabbed the silver airplane on the necklace and brought it o my lips and kissed it. 

I left my room to go find Dr. Mitchell. 

I had a huge favor to ask him. 

Harry P.O.V 

I was at my flat getting ready  to go to my birthday party that my friends were throwing for me. 

I was turning 19 years old today. 

It's my birthday and I should be happy, but I can't help but feel like something is missing. 

Or someone was missing. 

I went out do dinner with my friends and then went to this club. 

"Harry, Happy Birthday Mate!!" Niall yelled he was noticeably drunk. 

"I have a huge surprise for you mate!" My best friend Grimmy yelled out. 

Then out came a stripper who gave me a lap dance. 

I was pretty drunk so I didn't even notice what was going. 

At the end of the night security had to basically carry me to my flat. 

When I got inside my flat there was  somebody sitting on  my couch. 

"Who's here?" I slurred. 

"Surprise." She smiled. 


She nodded her head at me.

"Okay, I must be really drunk." I said shaking my head in disbelief. 

She laughed and shook her head, "You do look like you're pretty drunk, but it's really me." 

I tried to walk over to her but I tripped, but before I could fall she ran over and helped me. 

"Ya, you really are drunk." She said leading me over to the couch. 

She laid me down on the couch and walked away. She came back with some pills and a glass of water. She handed me the glass and the pills and I took them. I put the empty glass down on the coffee table and just stared at Dalis infront of me. 

"How was your birthday?" She asked. 

"It was good, but it's even better now that you're here." I smiled. 

She smiled her beautiful white smile. I stood up and wrapped my arms around her giving her a tight hug.

"You smell like alcohol," She said into my chest. 

I let her go, and looked down at her. Staring at her lips

I bent down and kissed her. 

She pulled away and looked up at me smiling,"You taste like alcohol too." 

I bent down and kissed her again she kissed back, but slowly stopped.

"Harry, you're drunk." She whispered.

"Doesn't mean I don't want to kiss you." I whispered back.

I bent down to kiss her again but she stopped me.

"Maybe it's time for you to go to bed." She said looked into my eyes. 

I nodded my head and she helped me to my room. 

As soon as I walked into my room I just fell onto my bed. 

Dalis laughed and walked over to me. She took off my shoes and threw them to the ground then she slowly unbuttoned my shirt and threw it to the ground as well. 

"Goodnight Haz," She said looking down at me.

"Stay in here with me," I said grabbing her hand.

She shook her head.

"Please." I pouted,"It's my birthday you know." 

She laughed and let go of my hand and took her shoes off. 

I slowly moved over to make room for her. 

She climbed into the bed and layed next to me. Laying her head on my bare chest. 

I wrapped my arms around her.

"How was your party?" She asked.

"It was fun. Grimmy got a stripper." I responded.

Dalis laughed, "Of course Grimmy did." 

"But this is definitely the best part of the night." I whispered.

She lifted her head up and smiled at me.

"Happy Birthday." She said kissing my cheek.

She layed her head back down on my chest and we both fell asleep. 

This was one of the best birthdays ever. 







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