Are We Friends Or Are We More?

Dalis Monroe was born in New York City, but moved to Manchester with her mother when she was 14 years old. Dalis is a singer and was discoverd by Simon Cowell when she was 16 years old. Dalis is now 18 years old and has an amazing career and Dalis is best friends with the amazing boyband One Direction! She has been best friends with the boys for 2 years and is super close with them. Dalis and Zayn did date for awhile, now they are just friends. But Dalis finds herself falling for another one of the boys..but will he feel the same?


28. Old Friend, New Friend.

 I woke up the next day and got dressed. 

*Dalis outfit

After group I went outside to walk around. Once a week everybody got to have a visitor so today one of my friends was coming to see me. 

As I walked I wasn't paying attention and I bumped into somebody 

"Oh, i'm so sorry." I said looking at Nicole.

I bent down to pick up a notebook she dropped when I bumped her. 

When I picked up the notebook I saw the writing in it and it looked like lyrics. 

I've got a paper and pen, I go to write a goodbye 

And that's when I know i've got a world of chances for you.

Oh, I'm going my own way 

My faith has lost its strength again 

I whispered the lyrics she had written down. She hurried and grabbed her notebook away from me. 

"You're really good," I said. 

She hugged her notebook and just shook her head. 

"You sing?" I asked. 

She was about to answer when one of the ladies that worked here interrupted us, "Ms. Monroe, your visitor is here."

Nicole hurried and went away. I went inside to see who was here. I went to my room and Danielle was sitting on my bed. 

"Dani!" I yelled. 

She got up from my bed and run up to hug me, "How are you?" She asked. 

"I'm alright."  I said letting go of our hug. 

We went outside to walk around the yard. 

"How do you like it here?" Danielle asked.

"Kinda hate it," I admitted. 

Danielle laughed,"Liam said you would for the first couple days, but it's just the 3rd day Dalis."

"Ya, I know." I said, "But, I just want to go home to where all of you are. I miss you guys so much." 

"Well, we miss you too. All of us." 

"How are all the boys?" I asked. 

"They are alright. They miss you like crazy though, especially Niall. You're all he talks about." 

I smiled as she said that, I missed Niall. His laugh especially. 

"They're in Africa right now," Danielle said breaking me away from my thoughts.

"Oh ya, for the comic relief thing right?" I asked. 

She nodded, "They left yesterday." 

"I wish I could have gone with them like I was supposed to." I said. 

"The first thing Niall said when they were getting ready to go was, I wish Dalis was coming with us, she would love it" Dani said smiling.

"I would," I sighed, "But, i'm stick in this place." 

Dani laughed and pushed me, "Dalis, stop. You'll be fine." 

"Dani, I need some advice." I sighed.

"Okay, about what?" She said tucking her hair behind her hair. 

"You know what never-mind," I said shaking my head. 

Danielle looked over at me, "No, what is it?"

I shook my head again, "Its stupid."

Danielle sighed and looked  down at the ground, "Dalis, I know that your closer to Eleanor than you are to me. You guys tell eachother everything, and I know that I'm not El but you can tell me stuff too." 

"Dani it's not that at all." I said feeling bad about what she just said,"Okay, i'll tell you." 

We stopped and sat down on this little bench. 

"Okay,  before I came in here I told Eleanor that I was still in love with one of the boys." 

"Okay." Dani said nodding her head. 

"But, I never got to actually tell her because your boyfriend walked in." 

"Well, who is it?" 

I took a deep breath and leaned over to whisper it in her ear. 

"Wow, really?" She said after I whispered it to her. 

I nodded my head, "But, ever since i've been in this place I have been thinking of the other two boys." 

Danielle nodded knowing the other two boys I was talking about, "I see that you are wearing Harry's necklace." She said looking at the piece of jewelry around my neck.

I nodded and we both got up from the bench.


"I better go now," Danielle said. 

"Alright," I said giving her a hug. 

"I'll miss you," Dani said. 

"I'll miss you too." 

We let go of our hug, "Be good." Danielle said laughing.

"I'll try," I replied laughing. 

When she left I went back inside. While I was walking to my room I saw everybody visiting with there friends and family.  When I got to my room I looked across the hall to see Nicole in her room by herself sitting on her bed. 

I walked over and stood in the doorway. 

"Hey," I said.

Nicole looked up from what she was doing to look at me, "Hello." 

"Wanna go walk around with me or something?" I asked. 

She shook her head and looked back down to what she was doing.

"C'mon, everybody else is with their visitors and my friend left and you're by yourself. You and me can do something, you can show my more of your lyr-" 

Nicole looked back up and me and cut me off, "I said no! What don't you get!" She yelled. 

"Sorry, I was just trying to be friendly." I said.

"You don't need to, okay pop-star," She said harshly. 

"Whoa, that was rude," I said taken aback by what she just said to me. 

"Oh, i'm sorry superstar. Are you just mad that you aren't in one of those high-class rehabs with other celebrities? You're stuck in here with us little people?" She said harshly. 

"Little people? We are all people. Every single one of us is going through stuff."

"Whatever you say," She said sarcastically. 

I shook my head, "Sorry, for trying to be nice." 

I walked back across the hall into my room, grabbed my guitar and sat on my bed. 

And they say

She's in the class A team 

Stuck in her daydream 

Been this way since 18 

But lately her face seems, wasting, crumbling like pastries. 

And they scream 

The worst things in life come free to us. 

I stopped strumming the guitar when I noticed somebody was watching me.

"Are you here to insult me even more?" I asked looking at Nicole standing in the doorway.

"I'm sorry." She said walking into my room, "You were just trying to be nice. I shouldn't have acted that way." 

I nodded, "Thanks for apologizing." 

"I was watching you play and sing, you're very good." Nicole said shyly.

"Thank-You. Do you like Ed Sheeran?" I asked. 

She nodded, "He is actually my favorite singer ever, he is brilliant." 

I laughed, "Yes he is pretty brilliant. What's your favorite song of his?" 

"The song you were singing, A Team." She said smiling. 

I smiled back at her. 

"Do you know Ed?" She asked.

I nodded, "He is a very good friend of mine actually." 

"That's so cool!" she yelled

I laughed.

"You're pretty good at guitar." She said staring at the guitar in my hands.

"Do you play?" 

She shook her head.

"I can teach you, if you want." 


I nodded my head, "My friend Niall taught me." 

She went and sat down next to me on my bed and I tried teaching her how to play. 












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