Are We Friends Or Are We More?

Dalis Monroe was born in New York City, but moved to Manchester with her mother when she was 14 years old. Dalis is a singer and was discoverd by Simon Cowell when she was 16 years old. Dalis is now 18 years old and has an amazing career and Dalis is best friends with the amazing boyband One Direction! She has been best friends with the boys for 2 years and is super close with them. Dalis and Zayn did date for awhile, now they are just friends. But Dalis finds herself falling for another one of the boys..but will he feel the same?


2. My Ex-Boyfriend And My Best Friend

When I walked back into rehearsals, I noticed that Zayn kept staring at me. Zayn always knew when something was bothering me. Zayn is my ex-boyfriend, but  he is also my best friend. But it did take us awhile to get to that point. We dated for about a year until he cheated on me with  Rebecca Ferguson. 


Z: Dal, open the door! Please we need to talk about this!!

D: *opens door and Zayn walks in slamming the door* What is there to talk about Zayn you cheated on me!

Z: Dalis it was a mistake, a one time mistake! We Can Fix This. 

D: No we can't Zayn you-

Z: *cutting her off grabbing her by the shoulders* Dalis, do you want to fight for us or do you want to bail?! Look, i did a terrible stupid thing. And i'm sorry, I wish i could take it back, but I can't. Dalis I Love You So Much. 

D: *Pushes Zayn Away And Starts To Cry* You can't just say you're sorry and expect me to forgive you, it doesnt work that way! 

Z: Okay, I know

D: I Think You Should Go 

Z: What...There has to be a way we can work pass this come on please Dalis. 

D: No, I can't. You're a totally different person to me now. I used to think of you as somebody that would never hurt me, ever. 

Z: *Crying* This can't be it...

D: Then how come it is.

*End Flashback*

It's been about 2 years since our breakup, and he's moved on. He's dating Perrie Edwards from a girl group named Little Mix. Do I Still Love Him? Of course, probably always will but he's my best friend now, and as long as he is still in my life, I know i will always be alright. Rehearsals were finally over and i was about to leave when i felt a warm hand on my shoulder. 

"Dal, you alright?" i looked behind me to see Zayn looking at me with a concerned look on his face.

"Yeah i'm fine. Why wouldn't I be?" Giving a small fake smile

"Something is bothering you Dalis. I can tell"

"Okay you're right. My mom called me and wanted to talk about her chemo with me."

" Dal, your mom has cancer, everybody knows that but you act like you don't. "

"Because i don't want to know! And i hate when people bring it up, especially her, because then I feel like I have to accept it and I don't want to alright Zayn!"

Zayn walked over and wrapped his arms around me, and i just started crying

"I'm sorry Dalis. I know it's hard but you need to be there for your mom."

"Yeah, i know you're right."

"And when am i not right?" He looked down at me with his smile that i absolutely loved.

"I love you Zayn Malik, you know that?"

"I love you too Dalis Taylor" then he grabbed my hand and I walked out of rehearsals with my bestfriend by my side. 



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