Are We Friends Or Are We More?

Dalis Monroe was born in New York City, but moved to Manchester with her mother when she was 14 years old. Dalis is a singer and was discoverd by Simon Cowell when she was 16 years old. Dalis is now 18 years old and has an amazing career and Dalis is best friends with the amazing boyband One Direction! She has been best friends with the boys for 2 years and is super close with them. Dalis and Zayn did date for awhile, now they are just friends. But Dalis finds herself falling for another one of the boys..but will he feel the same?


17. I Miss You

*Knock Knock*

I opened the door and Ricky was standing there.

"Wow, you look good." 

"Um, thanks." I chuckled, "Come in." 

I closed the door. Ricky was sitting on the couch. 

"I'm going to go put on my shoes i'll be right back." 

Dalis outfit


"You know what can we not going clubbing?" I asked heading back into the living room.

Ricky turned his head from the couch and looked at me,"Sure."

"We can stay here and hangout." 

He nodded, "Oh I almost forgot." He stood up and reached into his pocket and pulled out a thing of pills. 

"What are those?" I asked.

"Oxycontin pills." He smiled. "Do you want to try it?" 

I shook my head, "Not really."

He sat back down on the couch

"I'm going to change out of this, i'll be right back." I walked into my room. 


Outfit Dalis Changed Into 

*Ring Ring*

I looked down at my phone that was on my bed and saw a number I didn't recognize.

"Hello?" I answered.

"Dalis?" A mans voice asked.

"Yes. Who is this?" 

"It's me, your father." said the man.

I was shocked, "Is this some kind of sick joke?" 

"I can't believe it's you." He cried.

"Listen, I don't know who you are or what you want but please don't ever call me again." I said and hung up. 

I put my phone down and walked back into the living room to find Ricky. He was leaning down infront of the coffee table snorting oxy pills. 


He turned his head up to me. "Oh hey." He stood up. 

I looked down at the crushed pills, "Can I Try?" I asked

"Um sure." 

When I snorted the pill my throat burned and I began to cough. 

"You'll get used to it." Ricky said patting my back. 

We both just sat on the couch and watched t.v 

I felt like my heart was slowing down and my breathing became shallow, and my skin became old.

I turned to see Ricky passed out. I stood up from the couch and as soon as I did I became dizzy. I put my hand on the coffee table to hold myself up. I finally walked into my bedroom and grabbed my phone to call myself a taxi.

I snook out the front door and climbed into the Taxi. 

When I finally got to my destination I walked to the front door and knocked. 

"Dalis?" Perrie said answering the door.

"Hey Perrie, I was hoping I could talk to Zayn. It's really important." I said and my hand began to shake. 

"Hey isn't here, i'm sorry." Perrie said looking at my shaking hand.

Out of nowhere the dizziness came back. I put my hand on the doorframe to life me up so I wouldn't fall.

"Can I like wait for him?" I whispered.

"I don't think that's a good idea Dalis. I don't know how long he will be."

I closed my eyes, "That's fine, I can wait all night." 

"No, Dalis." Perrie said. 

I sighed, "Fine Perrie." I let go of the door frame and walked back to the cab. 

Zayn P.O.V

I walked out of the shower and went into the living room to find Perrie leaning against the front door.

"Was somebody at the door?" I asked.

She shook her head. "Oh no, it was nobody." She walked over to me and kissed my cheek, "I'm going to go home now."

I kissed her forehead, "Okay baby, i'll see you later." 

She smiled and walked to the door and opened it. 

"Zayn," she turned around, "I love you." 

"I love you too." I smiled.

Perrie left and I walked into my room and put on some sweats. Then I layed on my bed when the phone rang.


"Hey Zayn, It's Me." 

"Hey Harry."

"Hey, have you seen or talked to Dalis at all?" He asked.

"No. Why?" 

"Because Louis called me and told me that none of them have seen or heard from her in weeks. So I called you because you are her best friend and if she would talk to anybody it would be you." 

My heart sank, "No mate, I haven't."

Harry sighed, "Well if you do, let me know mate."

"Yeah for sure." 

"Okay mate, I have to go." 

"Bye Harry." 

"Bye Zayn" 

I hung up the phone and just layed down looking up at the ceiling. I closed my eyes and I started thinking of Dalis.


"Guys I Want All Of You To Meet Someone" Simon said leading us to his office.

We walked in and a girl stood up from a chair. She was short with dark long hair and beautiful big brown eyes. 

She was wearing a white short sleeved Rolling stones t-shirt. She was so beautiful.

"Guys this is Dalis Monroe, I just signed her." Simon said.

"Hi Dalis." All the boys said together 

I reached my hand out, "I'm Zayn." I said.

She grabbed my hand and shook it, "Nice to meet you." She smiled.

*End flashback

I wish I could go back to that day. The day I met Dalis, my best friend. The girl I would do anything for. The girl I am crazy about. 

Dalis P.O.V 

I opened the cab door and walked into the cold it was dark and the only light was the street lights I walked until I got to where she was and I sat down on the cold hard ground. I placed my  hand on the cold cement and traced her name with my fingers.

"Hey mom." I whispered, "I hope everything is good up there, I hope your happy. I mean, i bet you are happy up there because up there you are perfectly healthy. You don't have to feel anymore pain." I started crying,"This might sound really selfish of me to say but I wish you were down here with me, then I wouldn't be alone. I have nobody mom, everyone just abandoned me." I layed down on the cold wet grass and next to her tombstone and started crying and crying still talking to her,"I am just so depressed mom, i have never felt so alone in my life. I just wish you were here to tell me everything was going to be all right. I remember whenever I was upset I would lay down and put my head on your lap and you would scratch my head and sing to me until I fell asleep. I miss that so much." I put my on the cold cement stone and out of nowhere I felt this peace inside my heart. I closed my eyes. 

"I Love You Mom," I Whispered. 





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