Are We Friends Or Are We More?

Dalis Monroe was born in New York City, but moved to Manchester with her mother when she was 14 years old. Dalis is a singer and was discoverd by Simon Cowell when she was 16 years old. Dalis is now 18 years old and has an amazing career and Dalis is best friends with the amazing boyband One Direction! She has been best friends with the boys for 2 years and is super close with them. Dalis and Zayn did date for awhile, now they are just friends. But Dalis finds herself falling for another one of the boys..but will he feel the same?


23. Can we do it all over again?

He smiled,"It's me."

"Ricky, I am so happy to see you."

He grabbed my hand, "I'm glad. But, you need to be careful Dalis. You almost ended up like me."

"Ricky, i'm fine."

"But, you won't be if you don't stop. I'm so sorry that I even gave you drugs to begin with."

"It's not your fault," I said.

"It is, and i'm sorry. But there is two things that I need you to promise me, alright?" 

I nodded my head, "Okay."

"First thing is, you'll get some help. You need to get off these drugs and deal with your problems." 

"Okay, I promise that I will do that." I said. 

"Good. The second thing I need from you is to be happy. I need you to be with your friends because even though they let you down Dalis, they really love you and you know you love them. And I know there is one guy that makes you really happy."

"How do you know that?" I asked. 

"Because whenever you were sleeping, you would say his name in your sleep." Ricky laughed.

"Oh my gosh."

"Dalis, it's alright you really like this guy." 

"Yea, but nothing is going to happen between us." I said.

"With you thinking like that, it won't." Ricky said,"Just promise me that you will do these things alright?" 

"I promise," I whispered. 

He leaned down and kissed me on my cheek,"I got to go now," 

"Ricky,wait!" I yelled grabbing his hand, "Thank-you for being there for me and being my friend when nobody else was. You're a really great guy, you might not think that but you are."

"Thanks Dalis," Ricky smiled and let his hand go from mine and leaned down to put his mouth to my ear,"Take care of yourself," he whispered. 

Then he was gone. 

"Can we stop this for a minute

You know, I can tell that your heart isn't in it or with it. "

I heard a familiar voice lightly singing.

"You'll never know how to make it on your own

And you'll never show weakness for letting go"

He sang, and I slowly opened my eyes

He stopped singing,"Look who is finally awake." 

I smiled, "Harry." 

He grabbed my hand, "Yup, i'm finally here. I got here as quickly as I could. I just wish I was here before." 

"Well you're here now and that's all that matters." I smiled 

"You're awake!" Louis said opening the door. 

He walked in and everybody else came with him. 

"Now that all of us are here I think we all need to talk about everything," Liam said. 

"Liam mate she just woke up we can talk later," Niall said.

"No, it's fine we should just get this over with." I said. 

Everyone sat down around me. 

"Who wants to start?" Liam asked.

Nobody spoke up, we all just stared at eachother hoping someone would just start talking.

"Why Dalis? Why the drugs?" Danielle asked breaking the awkward silence.

I took a deep breath, "I don't know really, it just helped me I guess. All you guys pretty much just left me and I was alone. I became very depressed and the drugs just helped me because when I was high, I forgot that I was alone." 

"When I found you in your apartment, when you overdosed," Louis whispered,"Was it an accident or were you trying t-"

I knew what Louis was going to say so I cut him off, "It was an accident, I wasn't trying to kill myself Louis. I promise." I said looking at Louis who was crying.  I felt bad that he saw me like that, basically dead. "Louis, i'm so sorry that you walked into my apartment and saw me like that," I cried, "I'm sorry I put you through that." 

He stood up from his seat and walked over to me and hugged me. We both cried in each others arms. 

"I love you Louis," I said through my tears.

He let me go and looked at me, "I love you too. You have become like a little sister to me and when I saw you like that it scared the hell out of me," Louis said wiping away his tears. 

I looked around and saw that everyone was crying. 

"I'm sorry as well." Liam said, "You have become like a little sister to me as well and I should have tried to be there for you." 

"Me too, you're one of my good friends and I should have been there for you and I wasn't. I'm really sorry." Danielle said wiping away her tears with a tissue. 

"Dalis, you have no idea how sorry I am." Zayn said crying,"I always told you that I would be there for you no matter what, and I didn't keep my word. I am so very sorry. I promise you that will never happen again. I Love You Monroe." 

"And I Love You Malik," I smiled with tears still coming down my cheeks.

"Dalis, i'm sorry about everything that happened between us." Harry said. He was sitting next to me holding my hand. "Everything that happened in New York and that night of Louis birthday party. After we did we what we did I just left you. When Zayn called me and told me what happened I completely lost it. I could have lost you." 

"Harry, you were actually the only one that really tried to reach out to me. You were always texting me and calling and leaving me voice messages. You were the only one who wished me a Happy Birthday. While everybody else pushed me away I was pushing you away and I'm sorry." I said looking at Harry who had tears streaming down his face. 

"Well, I didn't just push you away." I looked away from Harry and looked over to Niall. "Niall, you were right, all you ever did was love me and I hurt you. What I did with Harry, I shouldn't have done that to you, I'm so sorry." 

"Dalis, I want to apologize for all those things I said to you on the phone. I didn't mean any of them.  I don't hate you. I love you, always have and probably always will." 

"I Love You Too," I said.

Niall smiled. I looked over and saw Eleanor just sitting there between Louis and Danielle with her head down looking at the floor she had tears coming out of her eyes but she was the only person that hasn't said anything. 

"Hey guys, I was wondering if you guys could let me speak to Eleanor alone." I said. 

Eleanor looked up at me. She looked kinda scared. 

Everybody stood up and left. 

It was just me and Eleanor. 







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