Hope Green and Louis Tomlinson were the best of couples, Hope being 15 and Louis being 16 . That was until, The Fight. The day they break up Hope finds out she is pregnant. Louis leaves her not knowing Hope is pregnant. It has been 4 years and Lunar, Hope and Louis's child, is now 4. Louis is in the boy band 'One Direction' and what happens when Lunar wants to go to the local mall yo meet One DIrection. Will this story have a Happy Ending.


1. Lunar

"Louis where were you last night?" I yell at my boyfriend Louis. 

"I was at the club" He yells back.

"you should have been here with me" I yell.

"you know what Hope" Louis screams.

"no Louis don't say it" I cry.

"we're through" Louis screams grabbing his coat.

"Louis no I have to tell you something" I say. 

"goodbye Hope" he says walking out the front door and closing it. I drop to my knees.

"I'm Pregnant" I whisper and cry.


That was 4 years ago. The day Louis left. The day he left me without even knowing He had a child. I heard foot steps, Then Lunar comes running down the hall. Lunar was Louis daughter he didn't know about.

"mommy mommy" She calls.

"what's up moon" I ask. Moon is my nickname for Lunar.

"look" She screams pointing to the TV. I turned up the volume to hear what the reporter was saying.

"One Direction will be in Moon View Mall for a CD Signing today at 3:00pm so get their early" The reporter finishes and goes back to normal news.

"can we go! Can we go!" Lunar asks. I was a bit nervous. What is Louis recognized me.

"um sure" I say. I get Lunar ready in a blue dress with a black belt And I get dressed in pink skinny jeans and a white blouse. I look at the time, It was 1.

"let's go we can be early" Lunar says tugging on my blouse.

"okay" I say picking her up. I put her in her car seat and we drive to he mall. There weren't to many people there yet. We walked in.

"Fountain" Lunar screams and starts running away from me. "lunar" I yell after her. Then she turns a corner.

Louis P.O.V

Me and the boys were at Moon View Mall for a signing. We were walking in the mall when this little girl comes running around a corner. She sees us and comes running towards us. She came up to me and hugged my legs because she was very short.

"Lunar" I hear someone yell. The a lady comes from around the same corner this little girl came from and stood their. Her head was down so I couldn't see face. The little girl lets go of me and runs toward the lady.

"mommy look" The little girl says. The lady looks up. Oh My Gosh.

"Hope?" I ask. 

"Hey" She says. Then Lunar runs to us again and stops in front of us.

"Lunar" Hope says again.

"I'm Lunar Tomlinson" Lunar says. All the boys look at me.

"um Louis" Niall says.

"who is this?" Liam asks.

"I don't know" I say with a shrug. "Hope" I call. She starts walking towards me. "Guys I have to talk to Hope can you play with Lunar?" I ask the boys

"sure" Harry says. Me and Hope walk away from them.

" Louis before you get mad I want to say I'm sorry I never called you and told you about Lunar " Hope says tears forming in her eyes. I pulled her into a hug.

" I'm not mad, I'm just surprised, Is Lunar my child?" I ask her.

"yes The day you left I found out I was pregnant" She says starting to cry. I hugged her tighter.

"I never should have left you, I'm so sorry" I say. I wiped her tears and we walked back over the boys and Lunar. We got back to see Lunar talking to the boys.

"so how old are you" Harry asks Lunar.

"I'm 4" Lunar answers.

"what's your favorite color?" Niall asks.

"I like red" Lunar says.

"What's your full name?" Liam asks.

"Lunar destiny Tomlinson" Lunar says.

"do you have a favorite brand of anything" Zayn asks.

"um I like Toms" Lunar says.

"yep she's defiantly Louis's girl" Niall laugh's. Me and Hope walk towards the boys and lunar. 

"Mommy" Lunar called running up to Hope.

"does she know that I'm her father?" I ask hope.

"no" Hope says.

"Lunar" I say crouching down to get to her level. She turns toward me. "I'm you daddy" I say. Lunar smiles and gives me a hug.

"aw how cute" Harry says. I stick my tongue out at him. 

"Louis we have to get ready for the signing" Zayn says. Lunar let's go of me and Hope picks her up. Hope writes her address down and gives it to me.

"come by my house later, you can bring the boys if you want bye" Hope says kissing my cheek. Then she walks away.

"bye Daddy" Lunar calls waving at me.

"Bye" I say smiling and waving back at her. I put the address in my pocket and went with the boys the get ready.

Hope's P.O.V

"mommy is daddy coming" Lunar asked. 

"later moon he's busy" I say.

"mommy can Carter come over" Lunar asked. Carter was Lunar's "Boyfriend". It was funny. Carter's mom was my best friend Kaya. I called Kaya.

******************PHONE CALL******************

K: Hello?

H: Hi Kaya

K: What's Up

H: Can you and Carter come over?

K: Sure we'll be over in little while  

*****************CALL END***********************

I sat on the couch while Lunar played on the floor. 

"mommy Is Carter coming with Aunty Kaya?" Lunar asked.

"yeah their coming in a bit" I say. I get up and sit down in the kitchen. How was this going to work? What if Louis wanted me to go on tour with him.Lunar is only 4. I can't take her with me. Kaya lived a block away so I know she would be here soon.

"Mommy I see Kaya and Carter" Lunar yells. I get up and walk over to the door. I open the door, get on the floor, Every body walk the Dinosaur. JK JK JK JK. I opened the door and let Kaya and Carter.

"Carter" Lunar yelled giving Carter a hug. They went in the living room to play.

"HI" Kaya says giving me a hug. Then I noticed something.

"Um Kaya" I say looking at her  stomach. 

"yes I'm pregnant" She said. I squealed.

"That's so exciting who's the father?" I ask her.

"um I don't know. he father is some dude I had a one night stand with two months ago" Kaya says.

"Kaya you just can't use men like that" i say to Kaya.

"I know but ever since Carters dad left I've been lonely and Carters dad doesn't even know he's a dad" Kaya said. wow. 

"what time is it?" I ask her.

"um its 4:00" Kaya says looking at her phone. Louis should be getting here soon..

"Lunar's dad is coming over" I say.

"oh my gosh really I should leave" Kaya says getting up.

"no he's bringing some of his friends over too so you can stay" I say. She sits back down and Carter comes over.

"mommy" He says climbing into her lap.

"What's up baby" Kaya says.

"I'm tired" Carter says. Kaya picks Carter up and lays him on the couch. Then she starts to sing...

"you are my sunshine my only sunshine "

"ou make me happy when skies are gray"

"you'll never know dear " 

"How much I love you" 

"please don't take my sunshine away"

She finishes singing and Carter falls asleep. Lunar came over and fell asleep too. The someone knocks on the door. I get up and open the door. Louis was standing there with Harry, Niall, Liam, And Zayn behind him.

Kaya's P.O.V

Me and Hope heard a knock on the door. As Hope opens the door I look in the doorway. Their he was. Carters father. 


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