Hope Green and Louis Tomlinson were the best of couples, Hope being 15 and Louis being 16 . That was until, The Fight. The day they break up Hope finds out she is pregnant. Louis leaves her not knowing Hope is pregnant. It has been 4 years and Lunar, Hope and Louis's child, is now 4. Louis is in the boy band 'One Direction' and what happens when Lunar wants to go to the local mall yo meet One DIrection. Will this story have a Happy Ending.


3. Coming To America

Hope's P.O.V

Louis wanted to stay the night so I let him. The rest of the boys left and me and Louis sat on the couch and started to watch TV.

"mommy" Lunar yells. I go worried. Me and Louis jumped up and ran to Lunar's room. When I opened the door to her room I sighed in relief.

"Mark" I say.

"Hope" Mark says. I run up to him and give him a hug.

"What are you doing here?" I ask him. Still hugging him.

"I wanted to visit" He says squeezing me tighter.

"well you don't have to climb through my window to visit" I say. Then Louis fake coughs. "oh that's Louis, He's Lunar's Dad" I say.

"Nice to meet you I'm Mark, Hopes best friend" Mark says.

"Mommy mommy" Lunar says from her crib.

"what's up?" I ask her.

"Is Daddy coming with us to America?" She asks. I look at Louis.

"I don't know baby but I think daddy has to go to work with his friends" I say.

"oh" Lunar says.

"but I'm pretty sure I can get management to let me go so I might go" Louis says.

"what an I going to do while your gone?" Mark asks.

"well I don't know think of something" I say.

"can I tell you a secret?" Mark asks Me and Louis. We both nod our heads. Mark Louis and I all walk into the hallway.

"so I kinda have a huge crush on  this girl I think you might know" Mark says.

"who?" I ask.

"well her Name is Kaya Harper" Mark says. I smile.

"I know her shes my second best friend" I say.

"please don't tell her" Mark pleads.

"okay I won't " I say still smiling.

"your going to tell her aren't you" Mark says.

"yep" I say.

"okay so  I'm gonna leave, It was great seeing you again Hope and Nice meeting you Louis" Mark says opening and closing the front door.

"we have to get packed" I say.

"all my stuff is with the boys, I'll go get it and come right back" Louis says.

"okay I'll get me and Lunar packed" I say as Louis leaves. I walk to Lunar's room and get a suitcase.I picked her out some dresses, shorts, pants, shirts, skirts, socks, and shoes. Then I went to my room and packed most of the same kinda stuff. I put the bags near the door and wait for Louis to come back. I sit on the couch and take a nap.

Harry's P.O.V

Louis stayed with Hope. The rest of the boys including me walked home to the house we would be staying in for the next 3 weeks. Hope gave me Kaya's number before we left. When Me and the boys got home I decided to call her.

"Hello" Kaya says answering the phone.

"Hi" I say.

"Is That You Fuck Buddy" I hear someone yell in the backround.

"shut up Mark I don't have a Fuck buddy" Kaya says laughing.

"who's that?" I ask.

"oh Harry that's my friend Mark" Kaya says.

"oh can I come over?" I ask Kaya.

"sure" She says then gives me her address.

"oh that's right next door" I say.

"that's weird" Kaya says. She hangs up.

"guys I'm going to Kaya's house" I say.

"don't get to crazy" Liam says with a wink. I rolled my eyes then walked out the door. I walk next door and ring the doorbell.

"one second" I hear Kaya yell from inside. She answer the door and she had flour all over her face.

"Is that flour?" I ask her.

"yeah Mark's throwing flour around" Kaya says. Then we hear something break.

"mark what did you do?" Kaya yells.

"I didn't do it Carter did" I guess Mark says.

"no Mommy Mark did it" Carter says. Kaya lets me in.

"that's Mark" Kaya says pointing at this dude.

"Hi" He says.

"so who did it?" Kaya asks looking down at the broken lamp.

"He Did It!" Mark and Carter exclaim at the same time pointing at each other.

"Carter go to your room until I call you back" Kaya says. Carter ran off.

"now Mark what happened" Kaya asks Mark getting real close to him.

"well Me and Carter were playing with the Nerf Guns when I accidentally shot the lamp and it fell I'm sorry" Mark says. Kaya kissed him cheek which made me tense up.

"now don't go blaming this kinda stuff on my baby" Kaya says. "Carter you can come out" Kaya calls. Carter comes running in. I fake cough. "oh this is Harry he's Carter's dad" Kaya says.

""Nice to meet you" Mark says.

"daddy" Carter says.

"what's up bud"?" I ask Carter.

"where's Liam?" He asks. my heart sank. Does he like Liam more than Me? I asked myself.

"Liam's at his home" I say.

"okay" Carter says.

"Mark give me it" Kaya says to Mark. I look over to where they both stood.

"no" He says.

"Harry he took my beanie" Kaya whines.

"can I come to America with you ?" Mark asks. Kaya hadn't even invited me.

"can I have my beanie if I let you come?" Kaya asks.

"yes" Mark says.

"then sure you can come, we're leaving tomorrow so pack your bags" Kaya says.

"I'll have my sister pack me some clothes and she'll drive them over here" Mark says and gives Kaya her beanie.

"thank you" Kaya says. Then Kaya looks at her phone.

"what is it?" I ask.

"a text" Kaya says with a smirk.

"from who?" Mark asks.

"Hope" Kaya syas.

"oh no she didn't tell you" Mark says.

"oh yes she did" Kaya says. "I'll read the text out loud" Kaya says

"Hi Kaya Mark Told Me He Has A Crush On You! I Think You Should Give Him A Chance Unless Your With Harry Just Wanted You To Know Love Hope" Kaya says. "so Mark Is this true?" Kaya asks Mark. I tensed up.

"well Um I um you um yeah Its true" Mark says with a sigh. Then heir was an awkward silence.

"mommy Is daddy coming to America with us?" Carter asks. Kaya looked at me.

"um I don't know I guess that's up to daddy" Kaya says.

"Daddy are you coming?" Carter asks looking at me.

"of course, I;m sure I can get mangement to give me a few months or weeks of" I say. Kaya walks up to.

"thank you" She says hugging me. I kiss the top of her head because I was quite taller than her.

"anything for my little boy and you" I say. She giggles.

"I'll go call my sister" Mark says. Then leaves into the hallway. I had to keep an eye on Kaya. She was MINE and only MINE. I'm not going to let him take her away from me.




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