Hope Green and Louis Tomlinson were the best of couples, Hope being 15 and Louis being 16 . That was until, The Fight. The day they break up Hope finds out she is pregnant. Louis leaves her not knowing Hope is pregnant. It has been 4 years and Lunar, Hope and Louis's child, is now 4. Louis is in the boy band 'One Direction' and what happens when Lunar wants to go to the local mall yo meet One DIrection. Will this story have a Happy Ending.


2. Carter

Kaya's P.O.V 

I turned and hid my face with my hair. 

"Hi guys this is my friend Kaya" Hope says. I waved and said


"who's he?" one of the boys asks pointing to Carter.

"That's Carter, He's Kaya's son" Hope says.

Hope's P.O.V 

Me and Louis left the room so I could talk to him. I got out Lunar's year book from this year.

"look there's Lunar" I say pointing to Lunar's Picture. 

"is that Carter" Louis say pointing to carter.

"yeah" I say.

"his last name is Styles?" Louis asks.

"yeah, what is their a problem with that? I ask.

"um you know the guy with the curly hair, Harry" Louis says.

"yeah" I say.

"his last name is Styles" Louis says.

Kaya's P.O.V

When Hope left with Louis I was about to panic.

"Mommy" Carter says waking up. He looks around and walks toward me. 

"what's up baby" I ask him pulling him into my lap.

"who are those people?" Carter asks pointing to the boys. I look up just enough so I could see them but they couldn't really see my face.

"I'm Niall" The guy with the blonde hair says.

"I'm Harry" Harry, Carter's dad, says.

"I'm liam" The guy with the buzz cut type hair says.

"I'm Zayn" The guy with the quiff says.

"Hi" Carter says. 

"so little one what's your name?" Niall asks. Oh No. Carter was going to say his full name.

"I'm Carter um Daniel um Styles, Is that right Mum" I frozen. I saw all the boys look at Carter, then at Harry, Then back at Carter. Carter had emerald green eyes like harry, brown curly locks like Harry, and deep dimples like Harry.

"that's right baby" I say shakily. 

"Kaya, Kaya Harper?" Harry says. I look at him my eyes rimmed with tears.

"wait wait wait Harry your a father?" Niall asks.

"I don't know" Harry says. "Kaya?" He asks. I let tears fall out of my eyes.

"mommy are you okay?" Carter asks.

"I'm fine" I say . Carter gets off my Lap and walks over to Liam and starts talking to him. I stand up and walk into the kitchen. Harry follows me. 

"so when were you going to tell me about Carter?" Harry asks aggravated. 

"I planned on never telling you" I say tears flowing down my face.

"why not" He yelled. 

"I didn't know how you would react" I yell back, Tears flowing down my face. I run up to Harry and give him a hug.

"Kaya I'm sorry can you forgive me" Harry asks. I nod and kiss Harry. I walked back in the living room.

"Aunty Kaya?" Lunar says rubbing her eyes.

What's up babe?" I ask Lunar.

"when are we leaving for America?" Lunar asked.

"America?" Harry said hugging me from behind.

"yeah Hope, Lunar, Carter and I are all going to America for two months on friday" I say.

"yeah I'm so excited" Hope says walking in with Louis.

"Me too" Lunar says running toward Hope.

"so Kaya have you told them about, you know" Hope asks referring to me being pregnant. 

"no" I say.

"so Harry your a dad too" Louis says.

"yeah I guess" Harry says. "and tell us about what?" Harry asks.

"um nothing" I say.

"you have to tell them sooner or later" Hope says.

"I know what it is" Liam says. I look at him.

"what is it?" Harry asks.

"oh I know too" Carter says. 

" oh me too" Lunar says.

"will someone please tell me" Harry asks.

"well it's pretty obvious, she's pregnant" Liam say. I tense up.

"what!?!" Harry yells. I step away from him.

"Liam" Hope says.

"sorry" Liam says.

"who's the father?" Louis asks.

" I don't know some irish dude I met two months ago, but it was a one night stand type thing" I say a bit fast.

"how did it happen" Harry asks. I could hear the anger in his voice.

"well I was upset and He was going through a bad break up and he just kept looking at me with his mesmerizing blue eyes and It kinda sorta just happened" I say.

"um guys should we really be talking about this with children in the room?" Liam asks.

"I'll put them in the play room" Hope says taking lunar and Carter's hands. When their in the room we start talking again. I sit down on the couch in between Niall and Zayn. 

"so Kaya was the guy hot?" Hope asks.

"well I don't know It was dark" I say.

"do you have his number?" Liam asks.

"yeah" I say.

"then call him!" Hope says. 

"I'll call him later" I say. 

"are you going to abort the baby" Harry asks.

"no" I say looking at the ground.

"why not" Harry asks aggravated.

"because Carter's really happy about the baby and I'm not going to break his heart" I say. Then I get up. "Come on Carter let's go" I say.

"I wanna talk to daddy" Carter whines.

"carter we're leaving" I say .

"okay" Carter says and walks over to me. 

"Kaya dont leave we have to pack" Hope says.

"well me and Carter have to get ready too" I say and walk out of the door. Me and Carter walk home and start getting packed. Hope, Lunar, Carter and I were going to America tomorrow. I helped Carter get packed then I got packed. I put Carter I his crib and he fell asleep. I went to my room and went to sleep.

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