Haunted Love

He is terrible to her.
Niall finds her.
He gets so much worse.
Niall falls for her.
He becomes out of control.
Niall helps her.

Will Abbie ever escape from her ex-boyfriend/stalker?


7. Chapter 6

Chapter 6

I almost didn’t believe what I was seeing.  When Rebecca told me about the guy handing out fliers I knew it was Vlad, but actually seeing him terrified me and made the danger very real.  My mind scrambled for a moment before realizing I needed to run.  Vlad didn’t know where I lived or who Niall was.  I would be safe there at his place if I could get away without being seen.


I began taking very large strides backwards.  Just as I went to turn and hustle back to Niall’s house I heard a voice.




My eyes widened with fear.  It was Niall coming after me, saying my name.


“Abbie why did you leave?  I turn my back and you’re out the door,” he said as he made his way up to me.


I shot a quick glance back and just as I feared, Vlad was looking.  He had found me.  Not only was I now in trouble, but Niall now had to face this danger that he wasn’t even aware of.  Vlad began taking steps toward us.


I pushed Niall and yelled with fear in my voice, “Run!”


I could hear the pace from behind me quicken.   It was now a full on chase, like one you would see in a movie when the couple is being chased by the murderous villain, except this wasn’t a movie.  This was very real.  I took a look over my shoulder to see just how close Vlad was to us.  Surprisingly, we had a good distance on him but we couldn’t lose our pace or he would easily catch up.


Niall’s place was in sight.  We couldn’t go there though.  The others were there and I couldn’t risk their safety too.  I had already gotten Niall in this mess.


“Keep running Niall. Don’t stop there!” I said, very winded.  “Go to the school.  Run through the park though!”


I knew this was our best chance to call for help.  With the darkness working in our favor, I knew that the different things in the park would be easy to hide behind.  We still had a good distance on Vlad.  The park was close.  I could see the playground from where we were.  I grabbed Niall’s arm as we ran past the swings and over toward the area with the monkey bars.  I remembered seeing a lot of benches near the exit.  Maybe, just maybe with a little luck, Niall and I could hide under the benches and trick Vlad into thinking we ran straight through.


“Niall hide, quick,” I said to him as we rounded the jungle gym, obstructing Vlad’s view of us long enough to hide.


The next 15-20 seconds were perhaps the most crucial seconds I’ve ever experienced.  I tried to quiet my breathing and keep absolutely still as I heard Vlad approaching.  As soon as he came into view I felt my already racing heart pick up pace.  This was it. 


I could see Niall watching him also.  We couldn’t do anything but wait and hope he kept running.  Vlad’s steps didn’t seem to slow as he ran right past us.  Niall and I waited a few seconds longer before I grabbed his hand and said, “Come on.” The university was only a block from the park.  I ran as fast and as hard as I could until I got inside.  I led Niall down the main hallway where all of the art was.  As we reached the music room, the same one I had first seen Niall, he took my hand and we went inside.  He quickly locked the door behind us and I ran to the one at the other end of the room and did the same.  Along the far wall there were chairs stacked up.


“Let’s wait over here,” I gestured.


“Okay, what the hell just happened, Abbie?!  What is going on?”


“Niall, I’m so sorry. This is all my fault,” I frantically said.  “I shouldn’t have tried to run from Vlad.  None of this would have happened if--“


“Hold on, who is Vlad and Abbie, seriously, what is going on?!” Niall said harshly, demanding answers.


I forced myself to gather my thoughts and relax.  I took in some deep breaths as I steadied my breathing and sat down on the floor behind the chairs.  Niall then realized what I was doing and took my hand in his to help calm me.


“Well, it’s the reason I came here,” I began.  “Vlad is a really bad person.”



After explaining all that had happened, Niall finally understood how serious this really was for not only me anymore, but now him as well.  Niall reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone.


“Who are you calling?” I asked nervously.


“I’m having Harry get the guys together to come get us.  Power in numbers, right?  Your keys are in the kitchen still?”


“Yeah, on the counter.”


I heard a muffled voice on the other end of the phone.


“Harry listen,” Niall said.  “I need you to get the guys and come get Abbie and me from school.  Bring her car, the keys are on the counter."


“Why?  What happened?  Are you guys alright?” I heard Harry question.


“I don’t have time to explain right now, but when you get here, bring Zayn inside with you to get us.  Knock three times so we know it’s you.  Have Louis and Liam stay in the car so we know it’s safe.”


“Uh…alright we’ll be there in 10.”


“Thanks bro. Oh and Harry…”


“Yeah man?”


“Be careful.  I really mean it.”


“Will do,” Harry said as he hung up the phone.


“Now you,” Niall said looking to me.  “Come here,” he said as he put his arms around me, pulling me close to him. 

His hold was strong and protective and to be honest, it was the only thing keeping me together at this point.  This is exactly what I needed right now.  I felt like everything was starting to fall apart again, but Niall made it seem okay.


“Babe I want you to know that I will never let anything happen to you.  As long as you are with me, nobody can hurt you.  I will protect you as best I can.  I promise you that I will never let you go.”


I started to cry.  Everything was starting to overwhelm me.  Not only this, but I had now unintentionally put Niall in harm’s way as well.  That was the last thing I wanted to happen.  I cared too much for him to have anything happen.


We sat together for a while longer in silence until we were both startled by the sound of three knocks on the door.


Niall and I looked at each other and said, “Harry.”


Together we walked over to the door.  I stood behind Niall as he hesitated at the door for a moment.  I knew the same question ran through his mind as mine.  What if it wasn’t Harry and Zayn?  Just then Harry’s face appeared in the small window making me gasp.  Niall quickly unlocked the door and swung it open.


“You guys have no idea how relieved we are to see you,” he said to Zayn and Harry.


“We need to go,” I said to the three of them.


Just as Niall requested, Liam and Louis were in the car waiting.  I scanned the parking lot to make sure Vlad wasn’t there.  Sure enough, it was clear.  While we got into the car, Louis from behind the wheel, asked us what was going on.  Liam, Zayn, and Harry looked at us with the same question in their eyes. 


I exhaled one big time before answering, “Basically, I have this psycho ex-boyfriend that refuses to believe we aren’t together anymore.”


“You’re kidding,” Liam said.


“I wish I was.  The worst part about it is, he threatened to hurt me and any guy that tried to take me from him and he saw me running away from him with Niall, so now Niall also has a huge target on his back.  You guys need to be careful now too.  I don’t want Vlad seeing you four around us and getting the wrong idea.  I can’t have anyone else close to me getting hurt.”


"Don't worry love. No one will mess with you while we are around,” said Harry reassuringly.


“What happens when they aren’t around?” I thought to myself.


"Yeah. We're here and we will protect you no matter what happens.  No need to worry Abbie," Liam said smiling.


I smiled back weakly. 


"Where should I drive to?" Louis asked, looking at Niall in the rearview mirror.


"Home." Niall replied firmly.


As we began to drive home I looked out the back window and saw a car following us.  A very familiar car.


"He's…following us. Behind us," I said in short gasps.


"Shit.  Drive as fast as you can," Niall told Louis frantically.


"To where?" Louis replied.


"ANYWHERE!" I shouted.


If Vlad got me, I don't know what he'd do to me this time. Finding me in a car with five, hot boys? I was dead for sure. The traffic lights went red.


"Damn!" said Niall crossly.


I peered out the window and saw Vlad hopping out of his car and heading over to us.


Suddenly, Vlad's face was at the window.  He saw me first and roared and then he saw the boys. I screamed.


"LOCK THE DOOR!" I screamed clinging on to Niall, putting my face in his chest. Vlad saw that and started to try and open the doors and began kicking the car. 


Vlad held a sheet of paper to the window.


It read:

I know where you are. I will find you, and I will get you. Tell the blonde one to get his hands off you. You are MINE and don't you forget it!


Vlad looked in the window once more just as the lights turned green and he ran back to his car and turned it around.

"Oh Abbie," Niall said looking concerned. "You have to go to the police." 


"I can't, he'll kill me. I did before and look!" I lifted up my arm to show him the big zig-zagged scar on my arm.


"I told him I was going to the police and he came to my old place and threw a glass vase at me." The boys faces were shell shocked.


"Abbie.." Harry said his eyes wide and shocked. "I'm so sorry.." 


"Who did you tell?" Zayn asked. 


"No one. He threatened to kill me if I did." 


"Abbie, love, that's not fair. You don't deserve this!" said Louis.


"He won't touch you again." Niall said firmly.


"I promise."

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