Haunted Love

He is terrible to her.
Niall finds her.
He gets so much worse.
Niall falls for her.
He becomes out of control.
Niall helps her.

Will Abbie ever escape from her ex-boyfriend/stalker?


6. Chapter 5

Chapter 5.


Later on that evening, me and Niall were watching movies. The rest of the boys were either out, or upstairs. Louis was gone on a date with Eleanor, Liam with Dani, and I think Zayn and Harry were making a twitcam upstairs. I wasn't really paying attention.  I was thinking about today, and what this all meant. How did Vlad know I was in London?  If he found our flat, I'd have to leave. He would surely kill me now. 


I suddenly realized one thing- my mom. What must she be thinking? One day I'm off working and the next I'm gone.


"Niall. I have to ring my mom. My phone has been off because… because I forgot I had it," I stammered.


The real reason I didn't turn it on was Vlad.  I ran upstairs and grabbed my phone and pressed the button to turn it on.


Where d fuck are u? Come home NOW. Vlad


Sweetheart where are you? Please come home, I'm so worried love. Mom x


ABBIE! WHERE ARE YOU BABE? I really miss you omg so much news!! Where are you though? Ring me. I miss you. Olivia xoxo


Abbie im warning you.. Vlad


Me and your mother are worried sick, Abbie. Your 19, your too old for stupid vanishing acts. Dad


Darling.. Is something wrong? Are you pregnant? Or kidnapped? Ring me, please love.. Mom x


ABBIE MELISSA HUGHES!! Where are you babe? Vlad has been over to your house and mine every day!!! A bit stalkerish.. But babe, PLEASE RING ME! I really miss ya hun :-( Olivia xoxoxo


I also had 30 missed calls from Vlad and 10 from Mom and Olivia.


"Oh God nooo." I mumbled.  I rang Mom.


"Abbie! Oh darling! I thought you had been kidnapped!" Mom said. I heard her starting to cry.


"Mom it's okay. I'm fine. "


"Where are you?" 


"Mom, I need to talk to you and dad in person."


"Oh. Okay! Where do you want to go?" 


"How about Subway? The one outside of town on the way to London.”


"Ok! Are you living there?" 


"No.." I knew if I told her I'd put her in trouble with Vlad.


"Okay.  So tomorrow at five?  Does that work?" 


"Yeah, sure. I’ll see you and dad then. Bye!"

I hung up and closed my eyes. "How am I going to do this…" I signed.


Now Olivia's turn.


"Hey Olivia." 


"ABBIE! Only you could go missing for a week and ring me up completely normal."


"Haha sorry Olivia. How are you?"


"Who cares about me WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?"


"Um.. Just here and there.."


"Don't give me a stupid answer Ab. Something happened."


"Yeah.  Are you free tomorrow? At five?" 


"Lemme check.." I heard her rustling around in her work papers. 


"Yeah! Where will we go?"


"How about Subway?  I’m meeting my parents there tomorrow."


"Ok! Can't wait to see you babe!" 


"Likewise bye." I hung up quickly and ran down to Niall.


"Hey! Is your phone ok?" He asked.


"Yeah. I'm planning to meet my friend Olivia and my parents tomorrow to fill them in where I went." I said.


I held my breath. "And Niall, there is something you should know..."

“Okay let me go grab some water and I’ll meet you in the living room.”






I couldn't tell Niall. I didn't have the nerves to. What if he hated me? Instead, I told him that I'd never had a boyfriend before and I'm guessing he seemed ok with it.  He just gave me a huge hug and kiss before heading to his room for a shower.


I pulled on my jacket and slipped on my shoes as I made my way to the front door.  The boys were all back from their dates and were siting on the sofa together playing on their laptops.  I waved bye to them before heading out to get some fresh air.  


As I walk down the street and turn the corner, I noticed a familiar male frame handing out flyers. I stopped in my tracks as my heart started to race. No words could describe the fear that shot through my body at that point.  This danger just became real.  Vlad was here.  Vlad had found me.

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