Haunted Love

He is terrible to her.
Niall finds her.
He gets so much worse.
Niall falls for her.
He becomes out of control.
Niall helps her.

Will Abbie ever escape from her ex-boyfriend/stalker?


5. Chapter 4

Chapter 4

I offered to give Harry, Louis, and Niall a ride to the University today.  I figured while I was there, I could enroll myself.  After all, my passion and escape was art and performing.  Being creative and expressing myself by creating an image with my hands made me feel as though I had some sort of control in my life.  Performing allowed me to express myself and be someone else.  Life outside of it was too stressful and full of things I didn’t want to think about. 

After finding a parking spot and going inside, Harry and Louis headed off.  Before Niall joined them, he leaned over and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

“I’ll see you at home later!” he said with a smile as he jogged to catch up with the other two who managed to find Zayn and Liam.

I looked up at the huge building in front of me. There were people everywhere.  It was so much different than the first time I came here, with the halls abandoned. 


"Here goes nothing," I muttered under my breath.


I walked shyly up to the door of the admissions office.  I had decided to enroll today.  People were watching me and pointing, some looking shocked.  A girl came up to me.  She had long blonde hair, and she was pretty.


"Hiya. My name is Rebecca. You’re not Abbie are you? Abbie Hughes?” she asked. She had a real American accent and was smiling. 


"Hey Rebecca," I said.

"Yeah I'm Abbie Hughes, why?" I asked nervously. 


"Your boyfriend is trying to find you. Put up posters all over the place! Came here and demanded to know where you were," Rebecca said, a little too excitedly. 


All the blood drained from my face with the realization of what was happening. "No.. No.."  I mumbled right before I hit the ground.


"Is she ok?  Why did I leave her alone?  Are you sure she's ok?  Why isn't she waking up? Abbie, Abbie please wake up.  Don't do this to me Abbie." 


"Niall calm down. She fainted, she'll be ok. Calm down mate."


I heard Nialls frantic voice.  It seems to be getting higher, the more worried he got.  Harry was there reassuring him that I would be okay.


"Abbie!  Oh thank God.  She's awake!" Niall said.


I opened my eyes and saw Niall looking down at me.


"Oh Abbie, you have me a heart attack! Liam was down this way and he saw you here with Rebecca and called me." 


"Niall hasn't shut up since you passed out.  You'd swear you were in a coma or something!  What happened to you though?  Was it your boyfriend?" Rebecca said as she fixed my hair.


I just realized I was in a white room that looked like a doctor’s room.


"This is the nurse’s room by the way.  The University had one put in last year.  A girl just broke her leg or something so the nurse had to run to the other end of campus.  She said Harry, Niall, and I should stay with you till you woke up. I'm dating Harry by the way."


“Oh, well it’s nice to meet you.  This isn’t exactly the first impression I usually try to give,” I trailed off as I remembered the reason behind my fainting.


“Niall, Harry, do you mind if I talk to Rebecca alone for a second?  It’s girl stuff and I’m sure you don’t want to hear it,” the nervous laugh I tried to force didn’t sound very convincing, but they complied and left the room, waiting in the hall.


“What girl things do you need to talk about?  Oh my gosh, you’re not pregnant are you?!”


“No, no, no.  Rebecca I just needed an excuse to get them to leave.  I needed to ask you about the guy putting up fliers.  What was his name?” I asked as nerves began to take over my body.


“Well at first I thought he said Dad, but he was much too young to be your father so I asked again and I think he said Brad.  No wait, Vlad.  Yeah that’s it, Vlad.”


Rebecca had no idea what was going on.  I needed all of the information she could give me.  My safety depended on it.


“Tell me where he is,” I said sharply.


Rebecca had a look of shock on her face before saying, “He didn’t stay.  He wanted me to tell you he was going back home, but he would see you soon.”




The ladies at the bakery were so patient with me.  Well, the shorter one was.  She taught me everything from baking the bread, to baking the cookies and cakes, she even showed me the proper way to frost a cupcake.  While I was entirely grateful to have a job, I was too distracted to be here.  The events from earlier were still running fresh in my mind. 


“I’m really sorry, but I’ve got to get home.  I’ll be back in on Monday,” I said as I threw my apron behind the counter before walking out the door.

I had to get to Niall’s.


As I drove over to Niall’s house, I remember how he had reacted earlier today after I passed out.  I shocked me. I didn't know he actually cared about me.  I mean, when he met me, I had make up smeared around my eyes, hair like rats tails, and I was in a desperate state.  I saw the way the girls watched him today.  He could go out with anyone, but he never payed attention to them.  I pulled up outside his house and walked in. 


"…my heart today, I thought she died!" Niall was saying midsentence as I came through the door.


"Yeah I went out to get a folder from my car and I saw her lying on the ground while Rebecca tried to help her," said Liam. 


"So do you really like her?" Harry asked. "The two of you seem right together." 


"I do.  I think she's the one I’ve been looking for, for so long. I've never felt this way about anyone before," Niall replied.


"What about Cara?  You dated for a while.  Didn't she?" Zayn asked.


"She wasn't special like Abbie.  I'm going to call her," Niall said taking out his phone.


"Shit!" I thought to myself.


I snuck out the door again and rang the doorbell. 


Niall opened it, "Hey Abbie! I was just going to ring you!"


"I'm sorry I didn't ask sooner but can I stay over again?" I asked looking at the ground. I was too ashamed to say I couldn't afford a flat. 


"Sure you can. Um I was wondering... I know we've only known each other a week but... Would you like to move in with me?  I have the spare bedroom or if you want to sleep with me..." Niall said blushing, looking down at the ground.


For a moment, we both just blushed and stared at the ground.  It really didn’t take much thought about his offer.  I really did like this boy.  Besides, with the Vlad scare today, the extra protection would be very comforting.


"Niall, I'd love to move in with you. Thank you so, so much," I said hugging him, looking over his shoulder to see the other guys watching and smiling.  I stuck my tongue out at them jokingly before smiling to myself and nestling my face into his shoulder.  He was perfect.  Niall was perfect.  This, was perfect.

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