Haunted Love

He is terrible to her.
Niall finds her.
He gets so much worse.
Niall falls for her.
He becomes out of control.
Niall helps her.

Will Abbie ever escape from her ex-boyfriend/stalker?


4. Chapter 3

Chapter 3:


“LEAVE ME ALONE!!!” I screamed at the top of my voice before I threw the vase at Vlad.


Damn it missed.  I saw him pull something shiny from behind his back  before making his way up to me.  My back is pressed against the kitchen wall as he goes to lift up the kn-knife and and.....


---end if dream---


“Abbie wake up!!” I woke up with a startle. 


My heart is racing and I’m sweating.  I looked up to see a worried Niall standing at the end if the bed.  It was a dream, just a dream Abbie.


“Morning, sweetie. You okay?”  he asked in his cute little Irish voice.  


I blush as the thought of him calling me 'sweetie'.  I nod at him before getting off the bed and pulling on my dressing gown.


“Are you sure? You seemed like you were having a nightmare?” he mumbles, sounding concerned.


“Honestly Niall, I'm fi—,” I was cut off by the smoke alarm going off.  


I looked at Niall and his facial expression suddenly changed.  He quickly got himself up and made his way down the stairs.  I followed him, ending up breathless after the jog down the stairs.


“Only you could burn toast Niall!” Harry says, walking in nothing but his boxers, followed by Louis.  “He loves food, so he’ll still eat it, black or not.”


Niall rolled his eyes.


"That always happens. So um are you ok? You started crying and screaming a bit last night. You were calling for someo- Wait, Abbie are you ok?" Niall said with a very worried tone.


 I squeezed my eyes tight as if to forget the nightmares of the past.


"I'm okay," I whispered.  My eyes filled with tears.


"Abbie, love, don't cry," Niall said, putting his arm around me, leading me into the next room so the others didn’t see.


"It’s ok babe, I promise. No one is going to hurt you now ok? I promise. You’re okay," Niall whispered into my ear as he hugged me.


I started crying harder now.  If only Niall actually knew what caused these sudden tears. What would Vlad do if he saw this? I put my head in Niall’s chest and tried to forget it. Niall was like my prince in shining armor. I was starting to really like this guy and how he could know me for so little time, yet feel the need to take care of me.  I haven’t felt this safe in a long time, but I knew Vlad would never, ever let me go out with anyone else. He was going to find me and bring me back to his flat and keep me there like he had before.  I wasn’t about to let Niall get involved in this mess of mine


"Are you alright now love?" Niall asked.


"I'm so sorry Niall I didn't mean to start crying just memor-" I started but Niall cut me off.


"No, it’s ok babe. I don't want you crying again. Besides, my top is getting wet from your tears!" Niall smiled at me. I giggled.


"Thank you," I whispered to him and before I knew what was happening next we were kissing.


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