Haunted Love

He is terrible to her.
Niall finds her.
He gets so much worse.
Niall falls for her.
He becomes out of control.
Niall helps her.

Will Abbie ever escape from her ex-boyfriend/stalker?


3. Chapter 2

Chapter 2:


His blue eyes stared into mine. 


"Um hey," I said blushing looking down at my steering wheel. God, this guy was gorgeous. 


"What’s your name?" Niall asked, smiling at me. 


"I'm Abbie," I said smiling back at him. 


"Well this is Zayn," pointing at the hot, black haired guy. "This is Liam," pointing to the one with basically no hair. "This is Louis," pointing at the brown haired guy with whom never stopped smiling. "And finally this is Harry," Niall said, pointing to the curly haired guy.


"Um hey guys." I said to them.


"Hi," "Hey," "Hello," "Hiya," they replied.


“We saw you looking in the window before you left.  Do you go to school here?” Niall stated as he turned his gaze back on me.


“No, no, no.  I’m new to town.  Actually I just got here this morning,” I replied, gripping my steering wheel as I thought about the horrific reason why.


"Listen guys it's lovely to meet you all, but I really should get going," I said shyly.

They all seemed lovely but, after Vlad, I wasn't taking any chances with boys and getting to know them.  That was my reason for leaving in the first place.


"Oh ok then," Niall said looking disappointed.


Why would this gorgeous guy come all the way out to my car just to introduce himself? I thought to myself. He took a piece of paper and wrote something down on it.


"Well, here is my number. Call me whenever, if you want to meet up Abbie." Niall said. I took the piece of paper and smiled.


"Thanks Niall," I replied.


"Bye!" I said and revved up the car.


"Bye Abbie!" Niall said again in his adorable Irish accent.


I drove off and waved back to the five boys.  I kept driving around the city to look for a place to stay.  There were hotels, but I wasn’t sure how I’d pay for a room since I had no money left.  I looked around as I sat at a red light.  Then gently, I placed my head back on the headrest.  My body was exhausted.





I stood at the post office just sifting through my mail.  A few bills, an ad, and a couple of junk letters sat amongst the mix.  I sighed, fixing my gaze on a little girl riding her bike while her parents walked close behind her.  A little smile formed on my lips.  It was cute, seeing families around this innocent town.  As I came closer to my car, my attention was averted to the sidewalk about one car length away from mine.  I stopped dead in my tracks and dropped my mail. 


“Headed home, beautiful?” he hissed from his evil lips.


“I just had to get my mail,” my voice cracking with nerves.


He bent down, picked up the letters I had dropped, and as he stood, his hands brushed up my legs just enough to send a sickening chill through my entire body. He was now incredibly too close to me.


“Let me go Vlad.  You know you’re violating your restraining order by being here,” I attempted to say with confidence, but was quickly shaken up again as I looked into his cold, dark eyes.


“Do you think I give a damn about what the law says?  I told you, I will stop at nothing to get you back.  You are MINE!” he spoke as he grabbed my wrist and yanked me inside my car before I could even process what was happening.






*BEEEEEEPP!!!!!* I heard the car behind me lay on the horn which caused me to snap out of my thoughts.  My palms were sweating from the nerves.  I pulled off to the nearest parking spot.  Quickly I pulled out my phone and dialed the number on the slip I had received earlier.


“Hello?” the voice said on the other side.


“Niall?  Hi, it’s Abbie.  I was wondering if you could help me.”



---1 HOUR LATER---


“So you’re sure you don’t mind me staying here tonight?” I asked, questioning.


“Not at all.  You can stay for as long as you need to until you get things settled at your new job,”  Niall smiled.

He really was so nice.  I was incredibly grateful that he offered me to stay at his place in the spare bedroom when I explained my unfortunate money situation.  He had refused to allow me to sleep in my car.


I make my way up to the bedroom with Niall behind me carrying my bags.  We made it to the room, finally, and Niall placed the bags down with what little I had in them. 

“You didn’t have to do that you know,” I say while biting my lip and sitting at the end of the bed.

“But I wanted to.  It’s the least I can do,” he replies before slipping out of the room, leaving me to unpack.

“Finally finished,” I huff under my breath whilst lying back in the bed and staring at the ceiling.

Something felt right about being here, but at the same time it didn’t.  I wasn’t sure why, but for now, it had to do.

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