Who Needs Algebra When You Can Be A Witch?

Hi. I'm Madison Hayden. I love reading, but by far my favorite series is Harry Potter. When I turned eleven, i was really hoping to get my letter...but unfortunately it never came. But now, several years later, my school is helping my dream come true.
Because there's a new exchange program...to Hogwarts.

Will Madison befriend the Trio, learn a little Magic, join a secret club, and stand up to the worlds worst teacher somewhere along the way?


2. Off to Hogwarts


Authors Note: I realized I should probably put in a disclaimer. so here we go:

Disclaimer: I do not own nor do I claim to own Harry Potter, J.K. Rowling, or affiliated characters, people,

locations, and objects.  All Characters affiliated with Harry Potter are property of J.K. Rowling. While I

enjoy writing about them, I do not own them. : )


I DO however take full possession of Madison Hayden, The Candy Clique, Mrs. Buckley etc.   


So...now that thats done, lets get on with the story. 


I was the first to turn in my form on Monday morning, but that didn't necessarily guarantee whether I

would be one of the eight lucky students. The exchange program seemed to be all anyone talked

about lately, and students were always coming and going from Mrs. Buckley's office to drop of their

exchange forms. The Candy Clique had ignored me since the assembly, which I was quite frankly very

pleased about. Anytime we did make eye contact, however, I would receive a pointed glare as though

I had done something wrong. Which I handn't, unless you count being right about something as doing

something wrong. 

I had dashed home on my bike everyday after school and scrambled off it to get to the mailbox, where I 

assumed the acceptance or denial letter would be. I didn't even like to think of the second option, It was

just too awful to comprehend. If I wasn't accepted, I'd rather have never known about Hogwarts existence.

It wasn't until later thursday night that my fate was finally decided. I had been doing my english homework

in my room, snacking on hummus with carrots and Pita bread, when a light tap sounded through my room.

I started and looked around for the source of the noise. (The source of the ticking noise? hehe) Another tap

came from behind me, causing my to turn around toward my windows where the noise seemed to be coming

from. A little tawny owl was sitting on my window with a letter clutched tightly in its beak. If dying for a fan girl

heart attack was actually possible, I would have died even if I had a million horcruxes. Not that I would EVER

make a horcrux. I scrambled over the bed to the window to let the little owl in. It was not much bigger than 

Ron's owl, Pigwidgeon was supposed to be, but had a much more hedwig-like attitiude. I briefly wondered if

it was a school owl before shoving the thought aside and reliving the owl of its burden. It chirped happiiy and 

flew over to my snack, where it started eating my pita bread. 

Heart thumping audibly in anticipation, I tore my eyes away from it to look down at the letter in my hand

to see the address. 


Miss. M. Hayden, The second largest bedroom in the blue house, White Pines Drive, California.     


I flipped the letter over and hesitated at the seal for a moment before taking a deep breath and ripping it open.

I pulled out the folded yellow parchment slowly and carefully, already knowing what was inside. Why else

would they go to these lengths and replicate the first year's letters so brilliantly. 


Dear Miss. Hayden,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted into the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft

and Wizardry/ Highlands Academy Exchange program. Please Find enclosed a packing list of necessary

clothes and equipment. The Exchange begins on April 20th. We await your owl. 

Yours Sincerely,

Minerva McGonagal. 


I collapsed back on the bed in relief. The owl squawked in protest at the sudden shake of the bed and flapped 

his wings. I chuckled and pulled myself off the bed to write a quick note to Hogwarts to tell them that I had

accepted. I fell asleep happy that night, knowing that I was on my way to Hogwarts.




April 19th came along before I knew it and soon I was dragging my suitcase along to the front hallway of

Highlands Academy, where we were supposed to meet to leave for Hogwarts. Part of me still couldn't believe

I was actually going there, it still felt very surreal. Mrs. Buckley and seven other kids stood waiting, holding a

frisbee. After a brief moment of confusion, I realized it was probably a portkey. The seven kids stand around the

portkey were all older than me, and though i recognized them all by face I didn't know any by name. Then the

blond girl whose back was to me turned around, and with a shock, I found myself staring at Candy Newland.

Why in the name of merlin was she going? hadn't she laughed at me and taunted me all my life for my love

of the book series, and wasn't she angry now, because for once in her life she was wrong? So why was she

going to Hogwarts?  

"Fifteen seconds." Mrs. Buckely declared, checking her watch. "You'd better grab on unless you want to get left

behind, Madison."

I gritted my teeth and grabbed onto the frisbee with one hand, keeping the other firmly on my suitcase.

"ten...nine...eight...seven...six..." Mrs. Buckley began counting down to the time when the portkey would take



And with a jolt of excitement (or was that the classic portkey tug?) I was off to Hogwarts.









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