Who Needs Algebra When You Can Be A Witch?

Hi. I'm Madison Hayden. I love reading, but by far my favorite series is Harry Potter. When I turned eleven, i was really hoping to get my letter...but unfortunately it never came. But now, several years later, my school is helping my dream come true.
Because there's a new exchange program...to Hogwarts.

Will Madison befriend the Trio, learn a little Magic, join a secret club, and stand up to the worlds worst teacher somewhere along the way?


1. Boring Muggle Classes and Witches with a capital B


Authors note: Hi! This is Madelynn! i love the harry potter series as much as Madison does, and i plan on staying as true to the series as i can. please be gentle in reviews as i am newish to movellas and fan fiction in general. 


Madison's POV


I sighed and flicked my mechanical pencil over my drawing to add a bit more hair to the boy on the rights head.

Three characters stared out of the page, two boys and a girl, the three that had formed my childhood


"And so x=394 and y=94." Mrs. Caroloni finished explaining at the front of the classroom. i tilted my head and

stared at the complicated equations on the board and trying to figure out how she had gotten 394 for x. ooh, 394,

as in, "turn to page 394"?  No. Focus Madison.  A little voice in my head scolded me. on what, werewolves? like lupin?

'cause that's whats on page 394. 

Suddenly the bell rang, signalling lunch. Most kids had already packed their school bags up, so i was the last one out.

The drawing i was holding slipped out of my hand as I was jostled in the door way and drifted down to the floor. 

Before i could pick it up, a girl called Jen stepped on it, leaving a dirty footprint on Ron and Hermione. I sighed and

reached out to pick it up and brush it off, only to have it snatched out of my hand seconds later by Candy Newland, my 

very own pansy parkinson equivalent. 

"Oh, look." She jeered to her friends, Samantha and Noelle. "Madison's been drawing her imaginary friends." 

I gritted my teeth as she fingered the edge of the drawing and made to rip it. 

"NO!" I whimpered desperately as she made a tiny rip in the side, not quite touching any of the characters. 

"But this is what you need, Madison." Candy said, strutting forward. "You need to be able to see that these three

aren't real. "They are simply your only three friends, that don't actually exist and-" 

she tore straight across the Trio on my paper. "never will." and she two halves of my drawing that i had worked so

hard on fall to my feet. 

"Loner!" Samantha yelled at me as the three of them left me alone with my ruined drawing. 

I could feel tears pricking my eyes, threatening to spill out and ruin my usually cheerful facade. I reached out and

picked up the drawing, staring at Harry, Ron, and Hermione. The rip was jagged, there was no way i could fix it. 

"Why can't i have friends like you three..." I whispered, Before running down the hall way to the library and burying my

nose deep in the only thing that could make me feel safe and have hope; Harry Potter. 

I stood on my tip toes and reached up to grab Harry Potter the Sorcerers Stone before collapsing against the shelf behind me and

letting the book fall open to random page to discover that it was blank. The entire thing was. I tore the books of the shelf

frantically. First Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets, Then Harry potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban,  followed by

Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire,  Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince,

and Hallows. Blank. They were all blank. I flipped through every page frantically.  No words, no letters, no chapter names

or page numbers. i flipped back to the cover, to discover that the title and cover art was still present. 

"Madison?" Mrs. Buckley, the librarian, was leaning out from behind the next shelf with genuinely worried eyes and a kind


"Candy again?" She asked, coming closer and sitting down next to me. 

i nodded. "The worst part is that she's right." I explained, feeling a new batch of tears rise to eyes. "She  and her friends call 

me a loner, and its true. I don't have any friends."  

"oh, Madison." Mrs. Buckley gave me a sad smile. "I'm sure there are some people who would love to get to know-" 

I interrupted. "no, there's no one. Not here, at least. I should just transfer to a different school somewhere."

A sudden light came into Mrs. Buckley's eyes. "actually..."

"You want me to transfer?" I asked nervously. 

"No! no, of course not Madison, but...i wasn't actually supposed to say anything about this until next friday, but seeing as

your'e so upset, and I know you'll want to apply..."

She got up and took a brochure from her desk. " To go to your'e dream school for exchange."

she couldn't possibly be talking about-about- 

"That's not possible!" I blurted.

she chuckled at me, leaning down and handing me the exchange brochure. "Oh, but it is, Madison. It always has been."

I stared at the cover of Brochure with a mix of emotions brewing inside of me. 

Hogwarts....it's real. or is it? is it just a joke? or a trick to make me feel better?

"Mrs. Buckley, are you serious?" 

"No, sirius is dead." she replied, using a pun I had used with her a few years back. "But if you mean is it real, it is. My

husband and children are all wizards. So yes, it is. All the instructions for applying are inside, and there will be an

assembly next friday. until then, you know nothing." She said, grinning at my obvious joy. "I'll see you later Madison."

And she left me alone with my emotions, bubbling like a perfectly made polyjuice potion's effects.




I had enormous trouble keeping my mouth shut in the following week before the assembly, but somehow, I managed it.

Candy and her little clique were obnoxious divas as usual, and yet...it didn't bother me have as much as it had before. 

Knowing I was right and she was wrong about the "fantasy" world J.K. Rowling had spun into words was so refreshing,

and I had already finished an application for the trip. I had pestered Mrs. Buckley with questions about the wizarding

world, which she really didn't seem to mind too much as long as i did it discreetly. She explained that J.K. Rowling was

actually a seer, who had gotten cut off from the magical world at a very young age and therefore hadn't been aware that

Harry potter and his world was entirely real. Dumbledore and the Ministry had sealed off the books from prying wizard

eyes by making the pages appear blank. This tid bit of information got me very excited as I explained the blankness of my

own Harry Potter books as well as the libraries to Mrs. Buckley, who raised her eyebrows and simply stated that she

"would have to talk to her husband about the matter."

When friday and the assembly finally came around, I made a bold move and sat behind Candy and her clique.

She turned toward me with an irritable expression and looked me up and down. "Whats with you?"   

"Oh, nothing." I replied casually, wiping the smile I did't realize I had off my face.

"Ahem." Mrs. Buckley called the school to attention with a couple of taps and a harsh screeching noise from the

microphone. "As many of you know, this assembly has been called to order today to speak to you all about a new

and highly unusual exchange opportunity. Normally, we would just put out exchange brochures and that would be that,

but we believe this is a very special case."

Whispers broke out around the gymnasium as people began speculating where the new exchange was to. Mrs. Buckley 

cleared her throat again and the room fell silent in anticipation. 

"My husband, having gone to the school that our exchange program is participating with, will come up and answer your

questions afterword, But first a Professor from the school will come forward and give a brief presentation. Please be

respectful and pay her complete attention please."

A tall woman with a tight bun came forward to the microphone. Whispers broke out again, but this time it was not

due to the exchange, it was due to her choice in clothing. The woman wore long flowing robes that were dark green and

very professional.  

"Oh. My. God. Major fashion issues."  I heard Candy whisper to Samantha who nodded in return.

"Someone should report her to what not to wear!" Samantha exclaimed. 

"IKR? What was she thinking??" Noelle joined in. 

But I was barely listening to their shallow remarks, i was more focused on the fact that Professor McGonagal was

standing in front of a microphone at my school. THE Professor McGonagal.

True to what J.K. Rowling had written, McGonagal gave the student body a look and we shut up. 

"Hello." She greeted us. "I am Proffesor Minerva Mcgonagal. Transfiguration teacher and Deputy headmistress at

Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry." 

The whispering had gotten louder with every word she spoke, but the entire room fell silent when the words 

"Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry" came out of her mouth. A couple people laughed. Some shifted

uncomfortably. The questions followed the silence. 

"That's not even a real place!" One girl a couple rows above me shouted, followed by other remarks of doubt and


Professor Mcgonagal stared up at us unflinchingly as she was bombarded with questions. She held up a hand when it had

begun to die down, silencing us immediately. 

"I know this must be very confusing to many of you." She began. "But please, give me one moment to explain."

Then she turned into a tabby cat and back again. 

The look on Candy's face was priceless. 














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