Hogwarts horrors

Ok so I'm goin to give this competition a try if I don't win then at least I would have tried hope you enjoy my story and well that's all I have to ..... Type :)


3. The Hogwarts Express

"Good bye my darling , see you in a weeks time !!!" My Mum called from the train station.

"Bye, i love you" I shouted back. Soon after that a shrill whistle blew and a billowing cloud of white steam swept over the roof of the train,we were moving!! I was onmy way to Hogwarts and nobody could stop me. Inside the train were at least one hundred carriages, all supplied with a rack to store your luggage, two long,comfy seats facing each other and a small table up against the window. I hauled my suitcase through the carriages until I found an empty one. 

The view out of the window as we plummeted down the track was amazing, there were long pieces of land stretching as far as the eye could see. About an hour later a lady with a trolley appeared at my door " Hello, would you like some thing to eat?" she asked kindly.

"Yes please " I replied. She beckoned me to the trolley, it was amazing! There were sweets I'd never seen before in my life!!! I hesitated for a moment, then eventually picked a packet of multi coloured sweets called snoswanglers ( they tasted surprisingly nice) I think I actually fell asleep at one point because when I woke up, a man in a aqua blue suit was marching up and down the corridors of the train shouting,"Ten minutes until we arrive at Hogwarts school of Witch craft and Wizardry". In ten minutes we had arrived!!!! 

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