Hogwarts horrors

Ok so I'm goin to give this competition a try if I don't win then at least I would have tried hope you enjoy my story and well that's all I have to ..... Type :)


1. Surprise!!!!!!

Hi my name is Eden Jay Lloyd. I am 11 years old and live on the outskirts of London. I love Harry Potter, especially the last one with the epic final battle. This is my story of when I got a once in a life time chance to .......... " Eden!!!!!!" Sorry.


"Oh nothing, it's ok". Great, well it was my once in a life time chance to stay in Hogwarts surrounded by witches and wizards for a whole week!!! OK. So here it is.

"Darling I've  got a surprise for you!"shouted my mum from the kitchen. I rushed down stairs ,"Oh sweetie you're going to be so happy, I've booked you in to stay at Hogwarts school of 'witch craft and wizadry' for a whole week!!!" she exclaimed excitedly.

"Oh mum that's wonderful! I'm going to have a brilliant time and get to meet my heroes" I squealed. Little did I know that my arch enemy Sophia Wilcox  was going to and that her mum and dad had booked her special 'vip' tickets. Or that my time there was not going to be as fabulous as I thought.

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