Hogwarts horrors

Ok so I'm goin to give this competition a try if I don't win then at least I would have tried hope you enjoy my story and well that's all I have to ..... Type :)


2. Packed and ready to go

"MUMMMMMMMMM!Where is my special Hermione Granger time necklace thing that I got from that cool shop!?" I called from my room.

"On the top shelf of your wardrobe darling" she called back.

I raced down the stairs,out the front door and through my overgrown garden. After cramming all my things into the back of my Mini Metro, I hopped into the front seat and I was off, i was actually on my way to Hogwarts! I honestly couldn't believe!!!In about half an hour, I would be waving good bye to my mum and going off, on the Hogwarts express!!!

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