Hogwarts horrors

Ok so I'm goin to give this competition a try if I don't win then at least I would have tried hope you enjoy my story and well that's all I have to ..... Type :)


6. It begins

Early the next day,after a delicious breakfast, we were taken out side to the quiditch grounds! We weren't actually aloud to play any quiditch but it was awesome!!! After having a look at the rest of the garden we were led to the maze, split into teams and sent in. There were so many dead ends and twists and turns but eventually we reached the middle. After all the teams had reached the middle a gate way appeared and we were taken for lunch. Today we had Birth day lunch because the little five year old, who shared a dorm with me, was turning six. The birth day cake was lovely and we all sang happy birth day to her. Not to soon after, we were all aloud to have a break until dinner. I read my new book called Northen Lights. 

After dinner, which was yet again absolutely delicious, we retired to our dorms. Me and all the others in the dorm had made a present for the girl ( who was called Ruby ) she loved them! I sewed her a little doll.

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