Out of the Muggle World

Aria is a secondary school student in Ireland.
During class she receives a letter with a red stamp on it and asks to excused out of class.She got chosen. Chosen for the first trip to Hogwarts. They called it rumors but now its reality. Aria is going to Hogwarts.


5. Chapter 5

Aria walked up to the front door of her house, and opened the door for herself and her father. She walked in to the foyer where she placed the owl on the railing of the stairs, she walked to the kitchen and saw her mother cooking, briefly smiling at her, she smiled back at her mother and took a oeach out of a nearby fruit bowl. After eating the peach she walked up the stairs to go to her bedroom, she walked in to her bedroom and shut the door, it was medium sized room, it was very modern looking but had some some stuff around her room, she placed down her bag and fell on her bed, it was a black and multi coloured bed duvet and it was extremely comfortable. She slowly let her eyesmm

close as she fell into deep sleep.

 Aria woke up to her sister Lia bouncing on her bed, seeing her about to bounce on her head, she rolled to the other side of the bed and got up, glaring at laughing sister she rolled her eyes, she yawned and went to her mirror, she was shocked to found that she hasnt changed her clothes, she was still wearing her school uniform that was hard to  breathe in, she escorted her sister out of her bedroom and when to her dresser, having found some galaxy leggings amd a shirt that says 'bazinga', she grabbed some penguin slippers and put them on. She went over to the mirror again and brushed her hair so that her mother wont get angry at her for not brushing her hair. Smiling at herself, she went over to her school bag which had a jellyfish design, she took out her homework and pencil case, she sat down on her bed and started doing her homework.

 After three homework's she took a break, she laid down on her back and looked at the ceiling, she was obsessed with astrology and had her parent have a galaxy themed bedroom and a astrology room for her on the roof which had stairs leading down to her bedroom, up there she kept her charts, astrology was a stange hobby for a girl to have, it's more of a hobby for old people or for wizards, then she thought, maybe she was chosen to go to Hogwarts because of her skill in astrology, even astrologers were impressed at such a young girl to be good at a thing like that.


"What is it!"

"Its time for dinner!"

"Im coming mum!"

She got up and went downstairs  

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